Talking To The Moon

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Talking To The Moon
By: AL

Back on my street
I got so wet by the pouring rain
all day long

Tapping my feet
I’m trying to get a words
to sing this song

I could smile
and say I’m alright
but it’s not what I'm feeling right now

I could say
that I’m ok
but it’s gonna be a big big lie

you make me feel so blue
cos there’s no words from you
please come back soon
cos I’m here talking to the moon

All true colors of me
just slipped away out into the sky

What could I say
you won’t even care
to bother me anyway


December 08 2015 15:15:47
Dani_CaracowDani_Caracow Sweet and lovely voice... Just started following you.

Did you write the song?

+1 December 09 2015 02:02:49 Dani_Caracowaleonz
Hi Dani...yeah I wrote this one :) thank you for listening :)
December 07 2015 13:19:17
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Wonderful Alice!!
+1 December 07 2015 16:12:48 frankyguitaraleonz
Thank you so much Franky!
December 07 2015 11:51:31
petebasspetebass beautiful;)
+1 December 07 2015 16:12:37 petebassaleonz
Thank you Pete!
December 07 2015 10:39:55
UloisiusUloisius I love the Moon and i love this Song ;o)
+1 December 07 2015 16:12:26 Uloisiusaleonz
hahaha yeah me love the moon too in every shape :) thank you Ulo!
December 07 2015 08:58:41
RelativityRelativity I talk to the moon all the time! Thanks for the wonderful smile before bed time!
+1 December 07 2015 16:11:50 Relativityaleonz
hahahah seems we share a same hobby here, isn't she one the best listener ever :)
December 07 2015 18:10:53 RelativityRelativity
Most definitley!
December 07 2015 01:26:55
akethesnakerakethesnaker WOW!
+1 December 07 2015 16:09:47 akethesnakeraleonz
Thank you Ake, and again thank you for your guitar add :)
December 06 2015 16:11:03
TG_StratTG_Strat SUch a sweet tune!!
+1 December 07 2015 16:09:28 TG_Strataleonz
Thank you TG
December 06 2015 15:52:54
BassCookBassCook Lovely song with nice lyrics presented in your one of a kind style. Big thumb for your work :)
+1 December 07 2015 16:09:11 BassCookaleonz
Thank you so much Holger!
December 06 2015 09:56:16
Sandrino®Sandrino® Aleonz: simply the best!
+1 December 07 2015 16:08:53 Sandrino®aleonz
Thank you Sandrino!
December 06 2015 09:40:55
aduadu So lovely good :) well sung as always :)
+1 December 07 2015 16:08:44 adualeonz
Thank you very much Adu!

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