Menthol Toothpaste

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So... How was the first listening of Wade's add on this?
Just an invite to contribute with him in dressing something more on the groovy "Jam" already performed by DfD, Glez (again!!) and my guitar bro. Frankie.

I've played behind with almost ambient tones, the goal was to keep Wade in front, he's the windy Boss


December 07 2015 01:36:24
GatorblueGatorblue This entire arrangement is super each musician complimented the song

December 06 2015 21:52:25
FrankieJFrankieJ Ah this is so tasty Tof. Wonderful play and wonderful mix! I love it!!
And Wade's add on this blows my mind, fabulous! Thanks DFD and Glez for getting it started.
Thank you.
Oh btw, I like menthol toothpaste. :)

+1 December 07 2015 07:53:00 FrankieJTofzegrit
Merci Frankie glad to know you brush your teeth:)
December 07 2015 08:03:30 FrankieJFrankieJ
I'm glad I still have teeth. :)
December 06 2015 19:14:55
WadeWade Boy am I glad to have left lots of space in this. Good match with Frankie's tone. By the way it's a tone I've always found one of the most desirable in an electric guitar. Fine lines from you especially near the end where you step forward. Thanks!!
+1 December 06 2015 19:28:04 WadeTofzegrit
Very special playing for me but your sound in this one is a siren's singin'
Merci Wade,Glad you like it my reverse world's friend :)
December 06 2015 18:37:27
kennyadrykennyadry ohhhhh!!!! What a line-up! This is super fun to listen!!!!! Giving and take of each's turn! Great job!
+1 December 06 2015 19:11:47 kennyadryTofzegrit
Flying this afternoon:)
Merci Kenny
December 06 2015 17:51:18
GlezBassGlezBass Atmospheric style for wikilandia he he , sound very good
+2 December 06 2015 19:11:12 GlezBassTofzegrit
You often offer nice atmosphere yourself!
Merci Glez
December 06 2015 16:51:53
cody trippcody tripp Awesome

December 06 2015 16:21:59
ivaxivax Good combination of sensations...great Tofz

December 06 2015 15:55:38
PsychoPsycho Very nice ambient set up !!

December 06 2015 15:01:47
WikimarkWikimark Perfect🎸

December 06 2015 15:00:38
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Thats really nice intention and well done Tof! Works superb! :)


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