Beautiful Saviour

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Splendid track from Kenny, Marc and Alice here. Nice pop tunes and vocals. Decided for an up-tempo approach - did consider a bossa but decided it was too twee so went dead ahead with it. I'm using my Yamaha mahogany/birch snare. Kinda liking it for recording.

I also videoed this performance as more and more people are trying it. Experimented with two cameras to see if I can edit it sensibly in iMovie. It turns out you can but boy ...


Fabulous drums there Martin, enjoyed watching the vid.+1
Wow Martin awesome jam and video!+1
Love your tight snare ! :)+1
December 07 2015 09:40:43
mpointon Tuned up tight and three blocks of Moongel on the snare! +1
I am amazed at how you don't run of ideas. There were already 3 drum tracks that really sounded great with this tune and probably the biggest challenge was how to sound not similar if not not the same. And you perfectly gave a totally different thing, unique, and professional at it's best. Glad to hear you here Martin :)+1
December 06 2015 18:20:45
mpointon Thank you, Kenny. This has been in Reaper for well over a week, I think. Just stuff has got in the way of getting it done. Glad you liked it. :) +0
December 06 2015 18:22:09
kennyadry Great video Martin! You guys are encouraging me to be back with youtube! (I stopped it after discovering wikiloops :) What monitoring do you use? Is that wireless? Looking for that kind of earphone! +1
December 07 2015 09:38:11
mpointon My headphones are off-the-shelf £20 Sennheiser CX175 noise-isolating headphones. I need the 'ear plug' effect noise-isolating headphones give in order to hear tracks clearly over my drums without having the volume at stupid levels (I have tinnitus, sadly). I've used them for in-ear monitoring at gigs too and they're brilliant there too. You don't need to spend megabucks on bespoke in-ears.

The only addition is I have a clip (from a more-expensive pair of Sennheisers which broke) which holds the headphones to the back of my shirt. From there, the cable runs down my back into an extension cable to my Mac.

I'm cheap, me. :)
You are the man!
You can't imagine what is the pleasure to see you again on the video my lovely drummer 💜
December 06 2015 23:04:04
mpointon Thank you, Tof! Nice to be back. Start my new job tomorrow so time will be more limited during the week now. Was great fun doing the video and much harder as I can't do my usual edits! +1
December 06 2015 23:16:49
Tofzegrit Super good news for the new job, I guess it was stress but now... New life!
Good luck Martin
Really enjoyed seeing your video. The MAN at work. Couldn't see how you've miked it all. Do wish the hi-hat was up a wee bit further in the mix do great work on it. Also just a personal favorite sound when played well.

OK, you're not smiling...yes concentrating...but then at 3:34 there is this distinct smirk (almost a smile) that says "hey this sounds OK!"...and it does!
December 06 2015 23:03:16
mpointon Thanks, Wade. There are mics on the kit. If you look carefully, there's a gooseneck mic on each of the two front toms, the floor tom has an SM57 on it but you can't see it for cymbals. The snare mic is visible, as are the overheads in the very top of the frame.

Can't do anything about the hi-hat volume, I'm afraid. They're not miked as I broke one of my SM57s in Urft!
great playing :) ... oh my, did you read all these books ? ;)+1
December 06 2015 23:01:29
mpointon No! The books belong mostly to my father! +0
One of the best way to wake up beside coffee is a great music gift, and now plus watching the video of the man behind this excellent drums..

Thank you for make my morning so wonderful Martin! you looks great on that video... Out of topic here...that color composition of your video really great to the eyes..

this is the first song I play this morning and my monday feel so great already :)
December 07 2015 09:31:07
mpointon Thank you, Alice. I've got so many of your adds on my to-do it's hard to know where to start!

The colour was a bit saturated on one of my cameras - that was my vain effort to try and make it look less rubbish. The video that camera shoots is supposed to be 1020p AVCHD. What it seems to record looks more like it's been up all night drinking.

It's a bit pathetic when my iPhone 5S can shoot vastly superior video to a dedicated camera...
December 07 2015 18:36:11
aleonz so happy to know that I'm going to getting surprise by your add, ofcourse no hurry...I'm sure you got a lot on your plate..

I saw you post you good stuff in youtube, have you try periscope, I was about to try that one, and have a plan to do vocal live record, but still try to find a good time to do that, and also still try to find a right spot for my station spot, Iphone always do a great job for video stuff, I saw my friend post his xiaomi result, that one also do the wonder, your background is (for me) one of the very cool element on that video, beside you behind the drums ofcourse, hope one day we can put all our video together :) it will be so cool :)
Just watched the video. Fantastic!
Amazing how you do that. I am so used to doing just the opposite. Bravo!

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