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Line soft piano for wikiloopers....


August 14 2016 19:03:12
MarceysMarceys If you do not know what you are doing and play by ear than you have a very cool ear! This sounds great Mario! Jazzy!
+1 August 14 2016 20:14:36 MarceysGlezBass
Overall I play mostly by ear, knowing the fundamental notes, but for example on the keyboard even know the basic notes I let myself be guided by the sound of the chords, without knowing exactly what it is: could look in a midi notation software but I'll with good sound and my memory when I make the jam or template
June 10 2016 20:41:16
Ernie440Ernie440 Wow man, you sound good playing with yourself! Who better than yourself knows which notes you want on the keyboard? haha .. cool and groovy bro.
+1 June 10 2016 21:57:15 Ernie440GlezBass
When I start playing the keyboard I can look at the chords I play, but generally built by its sound without knowing exactly which are.. (I do the same with the bass chords on the bass he he)
June 10 2016 22:37:08 Ernie440Ernie440
haha .. join the club! :)
February 03 2016 03:23:21
MalCoMalCo Really cool.

December 10 2015 09:08:48
dimeomaxdimeomax Perfect!!!...really nice jazz combo :) it fretless bass or electric contrabass?
+1 December 10 2015 10:24:14 dimeomaxGlezBass
Thanks dimeomax, it is a fretless bass Cort C4 HFL with flatwounds strings, smooth reverb, chorus and 50% neck pickup/bridge
December 11 2015 10:16:18 dimeomaxdimeomax
Wow... has a great jazzy sound
December 08 2015 21:52:04
jjdfjjdf Very nice track Glez! Well done ;)

December 08 2015 17:03:40
LoBiasLoBias Picking up a Bill Evans vibe - what a treat !

December 07 2015 16:25:46
AlbyAlby Very cool Glez!

December 07 2015 15:11:26
JeebsieJeebsie That was enjoyable:)

December 07 2015 15:00:31
CarpenterCarpenter excellent template, very musical

December 07 2015 10:47:44
UloisiusUloisius wonderful ;o)

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