Im Süden

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I'm a guitar newby, so please don't kill me. I just started playing guitar and all I have learned so far is straight from the internet. So if you are a real musician you will probably hate this track. :-)


December 09 2015 07:41:56
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine playing! Well done!;)

December 09 2015 03:21:34
KellsBellsKellsBells Oh yes, this is most delightful. :) Way to go! :)

December 08 2015 09:20:00
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)

December 08 2015 00:48:17
RelativityRelativity Sounds great! Welcome!
Dont worry..youll do a few tunes, decide you want to sound better to keep up and drop all your money into better equipment. The wife will divorce you, the kids wont eat but hey ....we're all jamming! Welcome!

+2 December 08 2015 22:02:26 RelativityMike_66
December 08 2015 00:17:55
TG_StratTG_Strat Hey welcome to the loops. I am not a real musician either, and I like your track. Sound is good, and you did not hit a bad note either. Volume of mix is fine too, not too much, and you did keep out of the singers way most of the time. The only critique would be that you could have dared a little bit more - just go for it if you know what I mean ;). Very nice!
+0 December 08 2015 22:16:24 TG_StratMike_66
Thanks so much for your support.
December 07 2015 23:28:30
Jedi_KnightJedi_Knight Fits well. Good Job!

December 07 2015 23:24:54
DannyKDannyK Keep playing! It's sounding good!

December 07 2015 23:06:18
MidoruMidoru Good feel !

December 07 2015 22:58:44
YoWildYoWild Not at all. Fits grate! Well done
+1 December 07 2015 23:02:27 YoWildMike_66
Thanks sooooo much :-)
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