Calling All Angels

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If there is a Heaven, then I imagine Marc's playing is what you would hear upon entering it. It certainly takes me away to places in my mind. When I close my eyes and listen to his piano, I am certain I have found it here on Earth. :) 20 vocal tracks on this...seems excessive, yes- but it takes a bit to make a choir of angels singing 8 part harmonies. ;)

Thank you Marc, for this beautiful music. Hope you all enjoy it.


April 10 2016 18:52:52
JDFJDF Airy, breathey, angelic in the beginning, was really cool. I love listening to a heartfelt voice. I also love when there is passion behind words. Very meaningful. Not to mention, the dedication...20 tracks! Very impressive :)
+1 April 12 2016 14:52:38 JDFKellsBells
One has no choice but to fully dedicated themselves to a Marc Liesching piano ballad. I always give his music everything I have. :) thank you for listening. I really enjoyed your version of this too!
February 01 2016 19:34:08
Pit BrettPit Brett I´m so sorry, would like to give more thumbs :)
+1 February 01 2016 19:35:53 Pit BrettKellsBells
Awe, thank you kindly Pit. :)
January 27 2016 13:59:18
ROBJOLROBJOL Heavenly beautiful. Pure poetry.
+1 February 01 2016 19:37:02 ROBJOLKellsBells
Thank you ROBJOL. :)
December 29 2015 23:55:03
frenziefrenzie After a stunning intro the song is beautiful Kelly so warm and sensitive thanx for the upload realy cool! :) the song ends with a music teardrop very nice! :)
+1 December 30 2015 07:33:52 frenzieKellsBells
Thanks again Frenzie. I'm really glad you liked it. :) Your comments are always so wonderful and much appreciated.
December 21 2015 20:16:35
jamladyjamlady wow, wunderbar Kells!
+1 December 30 2015 07:34:11 jamladyKellsBells
Thank you Claudia! :)
December 09 2015 22:52:23
Herman420Herman420 Well done.... Very moving!
+1 December 10 2015 01:59:56 Herman420KellsBells
Thank you Benjamin. :) Hope you are well friend! :D
December 09 2015 19:01:05
garymcmillgarymcmill You have done it again, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
+1 December 09 2015 20:26:38 garymcmillKellsBells
Awe, very kind of you. Thank you for listening. So glad you enjoyed it. :)
December 09 2015 13:52:09
HaffastHaffast Kelly this is AMAZING! SO beautiful. So heartfelt.

Your talent is immense, my friend. And you just keep getting better and better... Love ya! :)

+1 December 09 2015 14:02:11 HaffastKellsBells
Thank you so much Aaron. :) Your words mean a lot to me. Love you too:)
December 09 2015 12:32:55
fannefanne Beatiful! An ear for timing and sense for Marc’s work, not overdone, multi-disciplined, just great!
Thought I heard Gloria Estafan in the low register singing with you

+1 December 09 2015 13:09:04 fanneKellsBells
Thank you so much Johnv. I have done several of these with Marc- just love his piano. Thank you for this wonderful compliment. I've no training. Just sing what I feel. :) So glad you enjoyed it.
December 09 2015 10:50:08
FrankieJFrankieJ Beautiful.
+1 December 09 2015 13:06:11 FrankieJKellsBells
Thank you Frankie! :)

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