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Imagine the feel of astronouts going to Marss, but something went wrong and they going strait to the SUN...
Drums show me what you got! thank you and enjoy! cheers!


May 11 2016 19:13:31
ehhhh where drums? :@
need more doubledoubletriple-hihat- double-break human robodrums :D

+1 May 11 2016 21:48:48 SupJax YoWild
Well , you rigth. This day will come. Cheers:)
December 31 2015 23:38:07
so nasty lol
+2 December 31 2015 23:48:24 JonJon YoWild
Tx :)
December 31 2015 23:58:49 JonJon JonJon
yeah, im checking out all your stuff. Im trying to get into singing so I might have a go if I find the right one, lol. That would be full circle....from me begging others to sing on my tracks to me singing on theirs
January 01 2016 00:06:36 JonJon YoWild
Ok! I look this way find your comfort zone, like voice hz. Range, style. ;) im really bad at this but Jeah, you never know if you really don't try ... Rigth, Good luck man! ;)
January 01 2016 00:11:03 JonJon JonJon
well my voice is pretty untrained but I definitely like the AIC or STP school. Dunno if I have the vocal chords for grindcore lol
January 01 2016 00:23:03 JonJon YoWild
Take it easy, Do as you feel ;)
Im like Pantera/lamb of god/limp bizkit/meshuggah mix. hmm. groowe rock... ;) meybe bee this class
May 11 2016 19:14:51 JonJon SupJax
what about some drums Jon? would be cool to have something more than my off-road ones :D
May 11 2016 19:16:48 JonJon SupJax
yay, had to explore Pantera by myself ehh :@ and someone showd me LamboG weeks ago. still about to check them out. but haven't been through Meshuggah yet. not even a single song lol. they good? :D
December 11 2015 19:52:12
Very tight! and I dig the descriptive background!
+2 December 12 2015 18:46:04 Herman420 YoWild
Tx herman! I had playd before without it and its kinda boring. My thinking is you need imagine something to go fore. Feeling. Otherwise its just practice.
December 12 2015 18:47:12 Herman420 Herman420
Sounds like me and you both like to play outside the box! I agree completely!
December 12 2015 18:50:53 Herman420 YoWild
In the beginning god sad let bee ligth. So as i understad from Bible the first was sound, after ligth here. So congrats to all who is playing with sound. You are closer to core..roots man!
December 12 2015 19:13:15 Herman420 Herman420
Well that just blew my mind man! ROOTS!
December 12 2015 19:28:33 Herman420 YoWild
Tx man! Thats rigth. I think i will go for a band name ROOTs and 1st demo recor will be SpaceCore...?
December 12 2015 19:29:36 Herman420 Herman420
So let it be written, so let it be done!
May 11 2016 19:17:51 Herman420 SupJax
i recommend
December 10 2015 21:01:13
+2 May 11 2016 19:18:03 Shi SupJax
December 10 2015 19:58:41
Very nice!

December 10 2015 18:40:08
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
perfect :)
+2 May 11 2016 19:18:14 Lenny Cowler SupJax
December 10 2015 13:26:05
Mars !? Huh, huh… you wish, this is DEFINITELY Klingon territory !!
+3 December 11 2015 00:04:50 nuno1959 YoWild
It is not posible for humans to go there. There are limits still on this. I go there in next life
May 11 2016 19:27:31 nuno1959 SupJax
December 10 2015 09:29:34
Yeah man - tuned down to G - lets see how deep we can go ;)

Awesome tune!!;)

+2 December 10 2015 10:36:35 Basster YoWild
Thank you !
December 10 2015 09:17:00
Marss mission can go wrong to other way from the sun strait to Jupiter as well \m/
+1 May 11 2016 19:30:19 YoWild SupJax
watch out for [url=]Apophis 2029[/url] when you're on the trip
May 11 2016 21:50:00 YoWild YoWild
December 10 2015 09:00:29
Any vocals as rappers here? welcome!
+1 May 11 2016 19:19:17 YoWild SupJax
lol! i might have some. but they suck @ metal. damn hipsters xD let's hug Herman so he finally gets into this

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