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Grunge sax? Maybe Too heavy? Well smooth/soft it ain't anyway.


Oh Yeaaaah! Crazy Good Wade
You are Abigael the Fly! a Fred's Friend (the famous spider)... it was already with JohnV on his last one ;)
I like a lot this crazy LeftRightLeftRight sax, for sure my mother would not like this but I do mom :)
These 3-5 notes phrasing, the sustained one... the end with the guitar "solo" ... all that sounds good to me!
Too bad the backing track is low quality
December 12 2015 03:14:29
Wade Thanks Tof. Hey, It's early morning. What you up to? I kind of liked that idea that the track wasn't high quality. More fitting for my messing with it.

Yea, it's a insect love song to Fred from a prospective meal.
This is one of the best musical works I've heard tonight... greatness buddy !!+2
December 12 2015 19:32:11
Wade Must have been a fairly bland night on the loops. Glad you like. +1
December 12 2015 20:26:05
Psycho lol... Modest Wade :) +0
This is something a bit different mate !+1
December 12 2015 02:56:40
Wade If I can't to "good" may as well do "different" Ha! +1
00:18 WahSax+1
December 12 2015 03:17:27
Wade Not Wah, but I like using that. This is a "grunge" setting on a Digitech Vocal 300. +1
December 12 2015 03:22:43
Tofzegrit A friend of mine plays his sax in its soft case, did some holes for his hands and mouth, put a mic Inside then plug in pedal board with Wah, Tremolo, phaser... He did that 15 years ago for experimental jazz rock and that was so good
(And at the same time he played with Eddie Louis Orchestra...)
December 12 2015 03:55:40
Wade Not many doing "experimental jazz" all have been overwhelmed by mainstream...don't know why not like it's really popular. I really dug what some of the early sax experimenters like Eddie Harris did with effects in the 1970s. For me sax is potentially as versatile as a guitar. Why just play in one style/mode? +1
The phrase 'dude for the gig' springs to mind. This is the nuts. I love that you've stepped out of your comfort zone for this. And it rocks.

It works. Dammit, it *so* works. Sadly, my arms do not stretch across the planet because, if they could, they would shake you by the hand.

I love it. So very, very cool but so very creative. There are beers waiting for you in the UK for this when you get to this end of the world. I adore its structured chaos.
December 12 2015 19:30:41
Wade I guess you like it? I do come to the UK, so you'd better have that beer ready. +0
Pure Genius !!+1
December 12 2015 19:31:34
Wade ..or pure madness! Cheers Tom. +1
Very well played. That's such a great atmosphere you created here. Bravo W !+1
December 12 2015 19:32:45
Wade Thanks Phenol. Atmosphere already there, just adding a bit more madness. +0
awesome sound, wow !!!+1
December 12 2015 19:33:46
Wade You're OK with this? I though you just liked the soft touch? OK cool. +0
Oh my goodness this is just so cool! too heavy? Wade this is crazy , you kick this track out to the moon, this track sounds super mega cool to me! I can't stop listening to this track! helpppp hahahahha you goood youuu!+1
December 12 2015 19:36:23
Wade Big smile from me. Didn't think this would resonate with everyone I associate with the softer side of music. Well, it's certainly different, and I was getting too predictable. +0
Bravo Bravo!!! Fantastic Wade!!!!! Expressive and Impressive ! Love this whole piece of music!! I'm Really sad, could not see if you Play this.....+1
December 12 2015 19:41:57
Wade Thanks franky! Not much to see when I play. Got to stay in a good position for the microphone so can't move much. Nobody else can even hear what I'm hearing. Runs through a couple "boxes" and a mixer back to the headphones. Anyone hanging around would only hear just the regular sax sound. +1
December 12 2015 23:06:22
frankyguitar Well, thats true, but i could see your emotions, you know ! I love to see music live at really small stages so I'm really near the musicans and can see, listen and better feel what they feel. But it only works with musicans they express their soul :) +0
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