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This is for Anne who seems to like these silly improvisations done with Gerhard. Simple nine note loop with improvisation. There's an old chestnut hidden inside...the title's a clue...couldn't help it...just slipped out.


June 15 2017 07:08:21
These kind of tunes are my favorite...so happy and carefree.
+1 June 19 2017 10:23:47 Acousticeg Wade
Sure wish you lived next door. Imagine the sort of stuff we'd improvise.
April 09 2017 23:19:43
love this piece...there's so much going on here in criss-crossing rhythm and melody...that lilting feeling...great jam Wade and Gerhard!
+1 April 12 2017 05:00:42 bluesdog Wade
So glad you and others have enjoyed this. Was a total jam with nothing planned. Just a made up loop that we had fun with. Sometimes the simple stuff can be so satisfying.
December 15 2016 05:09:28
francisco alfrancisco al
muito ótimo, perfeito, Wade
+1 December 18 2016 19:51:17 francisco al Wade
Obrigado Francisco. Isso foi apenas um pouco de diversão espontânea.
July 30 2016 19:59:20
From a bucket of chicken .....of course ;)
+1 August 07 2016 12:51:29 piper Wade
Great reply! and Big smiles to you.
December 30 2015 09:26:52
I love this track. Fantastic freestyle playing of both you.
+1 December 30 2015 19:53:50 Mike_66 Wade
By now I shouldn't be surprised that so many get a kick out of these spontaneous jam pieces. They do have a unique "real time" flavor. Thanks
December 21 2015 02:21:48
+1 December 21 2015 19:17:54 kimbo Wade
Thanks Kimbo...it's that live thing...playing is "play time"...better be fun.
December 15 2015 22:21:08
That's an art every musician should practise from time to time: "no plan at all" B)
+1 December 18 2015 19:26:43 Lutz Wade
Hey Lutz, I'm certainly not going to argue your point! May be that I'm too far off in that direction though. I don't plan anything...just pick up the horn and play. When I open a track I just hit record without knowing what's about to play. Can take several takes to get it right, but the exercise is the same as playing a live jam. All surprises requiring listening, adapting and anticipating.
December 15 2015 00:15:14
very sweet.
+1 December 18 2015 19:20:46 Shmuel Wade
Thanks so much Shmuel!
December 14 2015 18:11:34
Everyone likes these 'silly improv's' Wade......and tell Gerhard to join Wiki.
+1 December 14 2015 19:33:51 MalCo Wade
Gerhard is a member...I will tell him you like it. He just doesn't post much on his own. I record the jam sessions so do the edit and post it on behalf of both of us. I'm on a microphone, so there's "bleed" and it can't be separated out...or partially edited. Comes out as it happened. You and others are certainly welcome to add though.
December 14 2015 07:46:43
Great! Sounds Christmas:)

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