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This is for Anne who seems to like these silly improvisations done with Gerhard. Simple nine note loop with improvisation. There's an old chestnut hidden inside...the title's a clue...couldn't help it...just slipped out.


December 15 2016 05:09:28
francisco alfrancisco al
muito ótimo, perfeito, Wade
+1 December 18 2016 19:51:17 francisco al Wade
Obrigado Francisco. Isso foi apenas um pouco de diversão espontânea.
July 30 2016 19:59:20
From a bucket of chicken .....of course ;)
+1 August 07 2016 12:51:29 piper Wade
Great reply! and Big smiles to you.
December 30 2015 09:26:52
I love this track. Fantastic freestyle playing of both you.
+1 December 30 2015 19:53:50 Mike_66 Wade
By now I shouldn't be surprised that so many get a kick out of these spontaneous jam pieces. They do have a unique "real time" flavor. Thanks
December 21 2015 02:21:48
+1 December 21 2015 19:17:54 kimbo Wade
Thanks Kimbo...it's that live thing...playing is "play time"...better be fun.
December 15 2015 22:21:08
That's an art every musician should practise from time to time: "no plan at all" B)
+1 December 18 2015 19:26:43 Lutz Wade
Hey Lutz, I'm certainly not going to argue your point! May be that I'm too far off in that direction though. I don't plan anything...just pick up the horn and play. When I open a track I just hit record without knowing what's about to play. Can take several takes to get it right, but the exercise is the same as playing a live jam. All surprises requiring listening, adapting and anticipating.
December 15 2015 00:15:14
very sweet.
+1 December 18 2015 19:20:46 Shmuel Wade
Thanks so much Shmuel!
December 14 2015 18:11:34
Everyone likes these 'silly improv's' Wade......and tell Gerhard to join Wiki.
+1 December 14 2015 19:33:51 MalCo Wade
Gerhard is a member...I will tell him you like it. He just doesn't post much on his own. I record the jam sessions so do the edit and post it on behalf of both of us. I'm on a microphone, so there's "bleed" and it can't be separated out...or partially edited. Comes out as it happened. You and others are certainly welcome to add though.
December 14 2015 07:46:43
Great! Sounds Christmas:)

December 13 2015 20:55:37
Very cool piece of music you two put together great stuff sorry it broke of at the end ;) good for anne she asked for this, well your 9 notes make a lot of difference wade wonderful!
+1 December 13 2015 21:26:05 frenzie Wade
This is a spontaneous jam based on the 9 note loop that Gerhard made ten second before. When he gets tired of something he just stops...that's what happened. Other times he goes on..and on..and on...

I just try to anticipate or react. No plan at all.
December 13 2015 21:28:01 frenzie AnneCozean
i think you might have it figured out, Wade...:)
December 13 2015 21:33:09 frenzie frenzie
Sometimes no plan is a good plan :) and I like his temperament got tired just stopped :D
December 13 2015 21:33:09 frenzie Wade
Have played with Gerhard for over 10 years, so know lots of his quirks...still surprises though. Have to watch his hands continually...used to drove me nuts. Can bother other players as it's a habit now to stare at their hands instead of closing my eyes and just letting go.
July 16 2016 20:32:46 frenzie GemmyF
I wouldn't mind you staring at my hands as long you're behind a plexiglass wall so you weren't blowin' that thing in my ear!
July 16 2016 23:04:10 frenzie Wade
Yea, a sax can be loud, but I don't usually play very loudly. Just try to match the level of others I'm playing with or play below their level.
July 17 2016 00:03:14 frenzie GemmyF
I had to bend a sheet of Plexiglass to put in front of the sax player that was in my band. to protect us and the audience. I played through 5 amps and he overpowered me(of course I did it that way more for soundscaping than loudness)
December 13 2015 18:43:43
sure, i peeped your jeepers, Wade. :)
i DO seem to like you two, don't i?
G's steady drips of percolating guitar are apparently simply waiting for YOU. once again you complement G with your ultra smooth delicious blow. mighty tasty ear treat - thank you, Wade & Gerhard!

+0 December 13 2015 21:21:55 AnneCozean Wade
Was hoping you'd like this. Just a bit of fun.

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