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Music is the place where I can throw all the things I have in my head, and it's really help me through many things, including to calm down myself and make me feel better...

I saw Rob posted this beautiful Sunday song, and I dare myself to play a single shot jamming, before I'm off from the loops, and deal with some stuff that makes me a bit nervous this evening.

So there is no lyrics planning (I wrote it down when I post this track), no plan, just give it a go....it's feel so cool to play with this song...But I'm sorry for some mistakes & noise on this track...

Come and play with me & Rob!

See yaaaaa


January 02 2016 20:10:24
francisco alfrancisco al muito lindo muito bom trabalho

December 19 2015 06:40:44
akethesnakerakethesnaker Star warning!:)

December 18 2015 13:30:52
LieschingLiesching Wonderful!! Stunning! You never fail, dear Alice.
+1 December 19 2015 00:51:13 Lieschingaleonz
Thank you very much Marc :)
December 15 2015 16:02:13
SlonMusicSlonMusic Al, it's a very good music!
+1 December 15 2015 22:15:56 SlonMusicaleonz
Thank you very much Steve!
December 14 2015 21:02:08
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very wonderful Alice! So nice feel!!:)
+1 December 15 2015 22:15:40 frankyguitaraleonz
thank you Franky!
December 14 2015 00:06:07
FrankieJFrankieJ Awesome Alice. On so many levels!
+0 December 14 2015 07:44:22 FrankieJaleonz
Thank you very much Frankie!
December 13 2015 22:06:06
RobMRobM Wow !! What an unbelievable honour to have you singing along Alice !! :) :)
This is so beautiful I cannot express in words how much I love it ! :) :)
Thank you so much for joining in :) :)

+2 December 14 2015 07:44:07 RobMaleonz
the honor is on me Rob, this track gave a very great live jam feeling, you know that I really love the track when the first time I hear it :) thank you very much
December 13 2015 20:26:40
WadeWade Wow, that's a spontaneous jam? Sounds like you are sitting together. So intimate.
+1 December 14 2015 07:42:09 Wadealeonz
hahahah sometimes I miss that "no turning back" feeling when doing the jam session Wade, it's a little Adrenalin game that sometimes I do with my own self, if I don't get a chance to visit a live jam...but of course it's not exactly a fair game, because i have listen Rob track 1-2 times, but this is another fun game...thank you Wade!
December 13 2015 20:06:05
TEE-KWATEE-KWA Oh Alice......what pleasure...sweet song..:)
+1 December 14 2015 07:33:59 TEE-KWAaleonz
Thank you very much Tee!
December 13 2015 18:53:17
dimeomaxdimeomax Cool and sweet :)
+1 December 14 2015 07:33:47 dimeomaxaleonz
Thank you very much Dime!

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