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Needs drums, Vocals, Etc. Starts out in key of Bm 80 Bpm. At 1;46 it changes to key of Gm and goes to 83 Bpm. At 2:41 it changes back to key of Bm and drops back to 80 Bpm.


Nice NeoSoul flavor.+2
super cool and groovy cody :) you are so on a creative role here ;)+1
perfect, I listen and I watched this video exactly suited to this song:)+1
December 13 2015 19:57:58
Lenny Cowler
MajorTom_III Wow what a cool video. Yes that matches up perfectly. +1
Fine !
I never played on this kind of music.
Excellent exercise :)
Thanks C
Amazing track Tom! :)+1
Really special Tom. Way above my pay-scale to try and play with this, but I really enjoy listening to it.+1
Love it... :)+1
Very deep minor scales and really gooooood :)+1
wow, very very cool Tom!+1
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