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Somehow I had this in my head all day.... played it this evening on the rhodes.... cheers, Marc


..nice song & great invitation for vocalists; well done, Marc :)+2
This could go so many ways. :) Beautiful!+2
Those Rhodes sure sound wicked !
Then when played like this, oh well.. i surrender !!
Certainly an open template Marc! I'll be waiting for drums but I already have some things in my head now :)+2
December 15 2015 14:00:35
mpointon Drop me a line if you have something in particular in mind. :) +1
a perfect track to listen through the rainy day..dreamy sounds with a lovely chords, love every curve of this song Marc, simply beautiful...+2
Very peaceful... nice one Marc !!+1
super, sehr inspirierend Marc!+1
Beautiful melody , Marc!+1
Arrrrghhhh I'm at work, I need some strings I want to play I want to play
maj7 powaaaaa
Baaaaam, it will be another cool one for sure!
Bravo Marc
Never fail to deliver. Wonderful!+1

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