An Evening At Ronnie's

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Tof's add reminded me about this add I'd forgotten I'd done. Tof's mix was, of course utterly splendid and it's an utter blessing to have an entire tree of HD mixes to play with - it's Christmas! But me being the pedantic soul I am, I decided the drums could be tidier and they needed to be a little less dry.

This mix has had some edits to the drum part: 1) to correct some of the more glaring timing errors and mainly 2) to move the whole drum track back by a few milliseconds to give it a bit more drive and push.

Art's guitar has had a compressor applied to it to bring him forward a bit as have my drums to get the cymbals down and the snare up (I used the HD mix rather than remix from my master).

All parts have been fed to a short but up-front reverb to give a sense of jazz club ambience, such as Ronnie Scott's, as the title suggests.



January 02 2016 18:21:01
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal bom trabalho

December 18 2015 20:07:23
WadeWade Such a perfectionist...and it shows. Good work.

December 16 2015 21:28:58
UloisiusUloisius coooooool ;o)

December 16 2015 18:59:23
MarceysMarceys Great sound guys! Love it!

December 16 2015 14:27:15
JeebsieJeebsie Bouncy!

December 16 2015 09:00:59
jmrukkersjmrukkers Suberb, great mix as well

December 16 2015 06:53:13
OliVBeeOliVBee cool tune :)

December 16 2015 02:27:28
aleonzaleonz This is sounds great Martin, i can hear everything in a good balance, and clear details, sometimes I learn to play to mix the music, but I think my ears not doing a good judgment heheheh it's great to hear you all together!

December 16 2015 02:16:50
TofzegritTofzegrit We can hear my effects edit on Artjanis but too bad about my mix/arrangements
(I've cut/edited many parts from Joe (and Artjanis)to manage the space between him & me ... (01:54 for artjanis alone with drums and bass, no keys behind guitar solo... )
But no worry Martin :), that do sound pretty f.... cool and yes that's a nice club ambience and obviously I will pay a lot to be on stage with you playing this kind of stuff :)

+1 December 16 2015 11:28:58 Tofzegritmpointon
Vinnie C. makes my soul cry so much it hurts :( People just should not be allowed to be that good.
December 16 2015 02:20:28 Tofzegritmpointon
Bum! I didn't notice that. Sorry Tof. :(
December 16 2015 02:25:02 TofzegritTofzegrit
Because you're a drummer :D and I'm a latin lover sometimes... and a fine Producer lol
Love you Martin
December 16 2015 02:26:35 TofzegritTofzegrit
This famous evening at Ronnie's Jeff B. was in first part of our show and Vinnie C. was there too :)
December 16 2015 21:01:42 Tofzegritmpointon
Decided to re-do this remix with the edits you did, Tof. I fancy a challenge! As I can't record, a remix is the next-best thing :)
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