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Just playing around, feel free to join in :)


January 02 2016 13:44:53
francisco alfrancisco al
muito bonito boa sequência
+1 January 04 2016 04:26:19 francisco al RobM
Thank you Francisco :)
December 20 2015 07:26:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
fantastic track bro:)
+1 December 20 2015 22:34:46 Lenny Cowler RobM
Thanks bro, really appreciate it ! :)
December 20 2015 03:06:05
Love it Rob, great template/mix, superbly clear acoustic tone, gorgeous..
+1 December 20 2015 22:34:28 nuno1959 RobM
Thank you Nuno, so very glad you enjoyed the listen :)
December 19 2015 00:44:25
fantastic :)
+1 December 20 2015 22:33:58 AKchen RobM
Hey AKchen, thank you so very much !! :) Really happy you liked it :)
December 19 2015 00:35:52
Like your acoustic sound and tone. Great playing as well. But for me I believe the acoustic can stand on it's own without the electric. I would have really liked to have heard the backing done on another acoustic, piano or my favorite two instruments to hear together Acoustic guitar and violin. But I know first hand that good violinist are hard to find at online music sites. I've only found one so far that does collaborations. Beautiful song Rob!
+1 December 20 2015 22:33:03 Acousticeg RobM
Thanks A and normally I would agree. But this is one of those "experiment" tracks where I purposely added the electric as a means of trying to steer this piece in different directions and seeing where remixes would go. But I do love the idea of a violin, may need to come up with a new piece for either violin or cello :)
December 18 2015 23:47:33
listening to this song this morning, just wake up...and the beauty of track really make me want to back to my dreamland hahahah what a dilema...
+0 December 20 2015 22:30:57 aleonz RobM
Hope you decided to stay in dreamland Alice ;) Glad you liked it :)
December 18 2015 23:35:52
...I look up at the trees
+1 December 20 2015 22:30:19 jamlady RobM
December 18 2015 23:17:59
Very cool Rob !!
+1 December 20 2015 22:30:00 WHITEPONGO RobM
Thanks mate, really liking your remix too :)

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