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My christmas song for this year :) Happy holidays all loopers!


Time to take your undoubtable talent to the outside world Marc, send some tracks of your work to as many people as you know in the music business, producers, directors, agents…and I’m sure you can swap the aula for a pro- recording studio and make a living out of it, and …….more time to write such beautiful music for our greedy ears..schöne weihnachten Marc!+3
December 27 2015 13:22:04
Liesching Thanks dear John. It's been a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful music this year! Happy new one, my friend. +0
It's snowing lightly here now. I'm sitting by my fireplace looking out the window watching the snowflakes reflect the hint of new moonlight and listening to this magnificent work of art. It's so cold here, but I'm sure, it is the music and not the fire that warms my heart...Tonight, you provide the soundtrack of my life. :) Thank you, Marc.+3
January 13 2016 21:38:24
Liesching Thanks my dear friend. See you sitting there by the fireplace watching snow flakes :) +1
Feel like tonight is Christmas Eve...what a beautiful song you lay here Marc, give that warm Christmas feelin in my heart, wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time !+2
December 19 2015 16:41:15
Liesching You do not have snow too often, I guess. :) here's 12 degrees so we won't get white christmas either. Alice I wish you and your family a magnificent Christmas time. +2
Dear Marc, your music reconciles the spirit and takes you into a magical dimension.
Only a person of enormous musical sensibility can do this. Thank you for these wonderful notes! :)
December 21 2015 09:05:58
Liesching Thank you very much, Stefano! I can hear the same musicality listening to your Piano, my friend. :) +1
Of course, I hit 'thumb' less than 10 seconds in. And I was right. Utterly magnificent, Marc. Just wonderful - why aren't your CDs in the shops?+2
December 21 2015 09:13:19
Liesching Thanks Martin! Yep that would help paying the rent :). However it is so much more fun sharing these lil piano pieces with such fine musicians and friends at the loops. Merry Xmas, M! +1
Fantastic mate and a merry Xmas to you and all who listen+2
December 20 2015 03:41:53
nuno1959 Same to you & avoid the food coma ahead ! ;) +3
December 21 2015 09:14:10
Liesching Thanks L! Merry Christmas! :) +0
Goosebumps all over.. ahh, it's wonderful !
Beautiful piece, playing, recording.. i love it Marc !!
December 21 2015 09:15:12
Liesching Thanks so much Nuno! Have a great Christmas time! :) +1
December 22 2015 02:08:04
nuno1959 Thank you & same to you & your loved ones Marc !! +1
No point in an analysis of why it's beautiful and feels so right...just letting it wash over me.+2
December 21 2015 09:20:55
Liesching Thanks Wade. I closed my eyes imaging slowly falling snowflakes in a cold winter night and just let the fingers play :) No chance to See a snowflake for real this year, but I guess it is the same with you. :) have a great Christmas time, wade! +1
December 21 2015 19:28:40
Wade Thanks Marc Yea, no snow in fact where I live no snow ever. Year round green. Snow is something you have to make an effort to go see...doesn't come to you.

Wishing you all the best for the holidays and a great New Year.
Hey Marc !
Thank you very much for the stardust
& all emotions you give us
Happy Holidays and Christmas too Maestro

You really know how and when to play the strings
December 19 2015 12:12:34
Liesching Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Chris! :) It´s been a pleasure meeting you at the loops this year and listening to your music. :) +2
Perfect for Christmas.+1
December 19 2015 12:09:20
Liesching Merry Christmas, jm! +0

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