SnowHat (My own Version)

Remix step #2 (playing)

Bass & Keys & Guitar:

+ 25
I just would like sharing the complete track not as a demo "listen to my own music" because from one year my own stuff is the music I play everyday here !
So this is an "offering" to this place !

Doing an edit Mix for the template this morning drives me to finish the work on :)

I've lost my drums track this morning, so I've worked with my template !!! Some Keys, Bass and Lead added (Fender Stratocaster, before it takes the dust for awhile)


June 23 2016 23:14:19
davidaustindavidaustin just found this track, your guitar playing is at the top and I very much admire your playing.
+1 June 24 2016 03:18:38 davidaustinTofzegrit
merci David, I was a "bedroom player" before I've met this place, I grew up here thanks to people like you. And I still playing in the bedroom :)
December 21 2015 23:42:35
fannefanne nice template and sure some awesome guitar work here!

December 20 2015 21:22:32
FrankieJFrankieJ Dust?
Sweet track Tof and I dig the clean tones. So tasty lead work.
A tinge of Knopfler sound in there to my ear.

+1 December 20 2015 21:46:54 FrankieJTofzegrit
Merci Frankie. The lead could be a kind of Mark K. or John Mayer (Continium album: Must have!)
December 20 2015 14:46:04
nuno1959nuno1959 Good stuff Tof-Man !! I like it..

December 20 2015 11:50:03
mike_mp-1mike_mp-1 Yeah very nice and great playing, enjoying listening...

December 20 2015 10:50:48
WadeWade OK, maybe I won't play on the first download...Don't think anyone could match this. Such fine lines that work so well...maybe just play some background on this one?
+1 December 20 2015 12:49:21 WadeTofzegrit
Maybe there will be some adds in the first template. Of course you can play some background or have a try on a bass add version... Feel free my friend from the reversed world :)
December 20 2015 08:40:23
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Fantastic tunning:)

December 20 2015 07:26:20
MarceysMarceys Sounds very cool Tof! We can hear it's you! :)
+1 December 20 2015 07:37:18 MarceysTofzegrit
Wake up early Purple Pink Blue Friend :)
Merci, a little piece of me :)
December 19 2015 23:49:31
onewholeftonewholeft I'm 10 seconds in and loving it mate

December 19 2015 23:30:18
AlbyAlby Great job Tof!!


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