Stand Together As One

Remix step #4 (playing)
New Zealand


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How could I resist this great funky track by some of my favorite players? Still some room left.


February 02 2016 02:11:11
Can't believe I missed this. Superb. Brilliant. And other superlatives which escape me!
+1 February 02 2016 03:46:18 mpointon Wade
Hard to see everything that's going on here...will probably get worse. Thanks man. Appreciate the listen and comment.
December 29 2015 00:41:15
Great add on a great song/track.
+1 February 02 2016 03:44:36 Gatorblue Wade
Thanks Gatorblue. Just saw your comment. So good of you to give a listen. Cheers.
December 22 2015 00:27:07
Fine solo at 3:05!:)
+1 December 22 2015 04:38:33 akethesnaker Wade
Hey hung in there that long? Thanks for the listen and comment. Greatly appreciated.
December 21 2015 00:05:14
Great sax here Wade, carrying that slow and easy vibe. So cool :)
Great song from everyone here :)

+1 December 21 2015 19:23:47 RobM Wade
On behalf of we won't go there. Cheers Rob!
December 20 2015 22:19:52
Top class, Wade! :)
+1 December 21 2015 19:22:59 pkliesch Wade
Glad this works for you. something a bit different for me. Cheers!
December 20 2015 17:10:55
Always classy Mr wade! Lovely & cool add! What a great blue notes you can grab with thar sax!
+1 December 20 2015 20:08:58 frenzie Wade
Thanks Frenzie. Like the blue note reference. Something a sax can do so easily...and you're not to shabby in that department as I recall.
December 20 2015 20:57:34 frenzie frenzie
my favourite ones are the random lucky ones that pop out once in a while like an unintended surprise you know?
December 21 2015 19:22:28 frenzie Wade
My musical partner Gerhard calls these "happy accidents".
December 20 2015 16:13:57
Nice one Wade, good vibes
+1 December 20 2015 20:07:45 jmrukkers Wade
Hey Joe. Glad you like this one. I don't do much funk, but sure like it. Probably out of my comfort zone so just a matter of getting lucky.
December 20 2015 15:43:30
awesome ... like your creativity ;)
+1 December 20 2015 20:05:28 AKchen Wade
Thanks Akchen. I got to give the credit to those I'm following. I'm just a jammer, so find all the inspiration from others and what they have played.
December 20 2015 15:41:24
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
fantastic add bro:)
+1 December 20 2015 20:03:35 Lenny Cowler Wade
Cheers Lenny. Glad you like.
December 20 2015 14:25:05
Super... this is so well done Wade. The perfect track by a great lineup. This goes to the top of my favorites list... Superb playing !!!!
+1 December 20 2015 20:03:12 Psycho Wade
Holy crap Bruce! Top of the list? Well even if at the bottom I'm very flattered to on a track that on the list. Yea, great many great lineups possible here.
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