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Haffast- I ran it thru my Mastering Software. What I did basically was take your mix, ran it thru some spatial software to add depth and used some creative EQing to bring Basster out. I also used side compression which squeezes and tightens the bottom end out like a pimple. Side comp was done thru a free limiter vst.

I added a 50 hz notch filter to cut a hole in the mix right underneath Basster so basically there are no frequencies to muddy him up.

This is just an illustration because your mix sounds awesome so its basically adding some subtle 3rd dimension and gloss.


December 21 2015 18:44:05
AKchenAKchen awesome ... so great

December 21 2015 05:12:47
akethesnakerakethesnaker Sounds Great!:)

December 20 2015 23:01:53
StefStef Awesome sound Joe!! :)

December 20 2015 22:47:27
abuitremoremabuitremorem sounds super :)

December 20 2015 21:13:56
KeitonKeiton Nice mix. What software did you use?
+0 December 20 2015 21:47:59 KeitonRelativity
Multiple software. For side compression I used a free vst called Molot. its a limiter, side compressor and even mid range compressor. Very easy to use. For the gloss and spatial , I used Izotope Izone 7 advanced.
December 20 2015 22:37:47 KeitonKeiton
Thank you for tell me. I also use ozone 7 but my Macbook Pro not enough power :(
December 20 2015 20:43:46
HaffastHaffast I think it sounds spectacular!
+1 December 20 2015 21:44:46 HaffastRelativity
Thanks man. Hope it gives an idea where to take your awesome mixes next.
December 20 2015 22:35:00 HaffastHaffast
It does! I typically fumble through some of this and am constantly readjusting settings and my own preferences. Used to always do a slight mid scoop and normalize the volume again. Trying to find that balance between compressed digital and analog tone. Lol

Like the rest of us, I'm sure... ;)
December 21 2015 05:19:06 HaffastRelativity
Im saying this straight up...discovering hi pass filters and notch filters changed recording for me. I am more confident I will sound like I want to sound. They target one frequency . You just need to now which frequncies to target. Just google EQ cheat sheet into Google and youll learn alot.
December 21 2015 05:21:22 HaffastRelativity
Merry Christmas... theres a ton of these out there... http://blog.sonicbids.com/the-ultimate-eq-cheat-sheet-for-every-common-instrument

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