I don't know what I'm doing here

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I am so outclassed on this track, but I felt the need to try and expand my efforts. This is such a beautiful tune, I can only hope I added something to it, and didn't wreck it, well, at least I tried something different


December 21 2015 21:25:51
haddockhaddock Cool playing!
+0 December 22 2015 02:52:41 haddockgoldtop68
thank you, loved your awesome bass on this track
December 21 2015 17:14:48
GatorblueGatorblue nice playing--lots of soul on this add, goldtop. The noise be damned. Stax did it with street noise and rats running on the ceiling tiles. - Gator
+0 December 22 2015 02:50:43 Gatorbluegoldtop68
thanks Gator! love those old Stax recordings
December 22 2015 23:50:23 GatorblueGatorblue
When I toured Stax in Memphis, it actually brought tears to my eyes. It's so amazing what all they achieved. the book, Sweet Soul Music, is an excellent book.
December 21 2015 15:12:30
StefStef Fine playing GT! Great taste and class! :)
+0 December 22 2015 02:49:14 Stefgoldtop68
thanks Stef!
December 21 2015 07:48:55
MarceysMarceys Great playing man! You have the right feel! Love it!

How do you record if I may ask?

+0 December 21 2015 14:28:05 Marceysgoldtop68
thank you Marc! Since I split time between my home out of town and a small apartment in the city my setup varies, but it is based on an old nuendo program and a Steinberg CI1, and most often a beat up strat. This time I ran it through a couple of random pedals and a Blues Jr amp(hence the subway train noise)sometimes just direct into the CI1. I can only monitor with headphones either way
December 21 2015 06:07:08
RelativityRelativity Great one GT! Really really great playing!
+0 December 21 2015 14:15:23 Relativitygoldtop68
thanks very much!
December 21 2015 05:25:41
pklieschpkliesch Great playin', GT!
+0 December 21 2015 14:14:42 pklieschgoldtop68
thank you
December 21 2015 04:35:16
akethesnakerakethesnaker Fine playing! Cool with 2 different sound.
+0 December 21 2015 04:58:45 akethesnakergoldtop68
Thank you very much Ake
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