God Doesnt Hear Us (Tocsin)

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This is a remix of Track ##39553
The original description reads as follows.
"This is a 70 - year anniversary of the Victory in the Great War (1941-1945) over the Nazis
Then the USSR lost 40 million of its sons and daughters."

I think it speaks pretty well for All war.

This is obviously a sensitive piece for Slon, the tracks author and performer. Being somewhat close to Russian culture, I had an immediate connection with this track. Alot of effort and great care ...


Lenny Cowler
perfect bass line:)+0
Thank you Relativity! Ludmila Danichkina is poet from Donbass. She left her house cos it was destroyed by Ukrainian army. Now she live in the Russia.+1
December 21 2015 15:48:11
Relativity I love this song, Slon. The lyrics are quite very emotional. I hope you like the mix. Very powerful track! Thank you! +0
nice one+1
The stars in the sky destroyed by fire,
At feet lay an impassable road
My garden uprooted my house staggered
My son left house and didn't return.
In the chain of the binder destroyed units
There is no longer heard the bird singing,
Account reset to zero in faith and truth
And with the blood the sunsets.

Oh, my God! - Cry to heaven,
Well, how to live with it, those who survived ?!
But ... I think God
my question did not hear
Or He doesn't know...

War without reasonable strategy and rules
Abel's rifle threatens Cain
Neighbor against neighbor ... And beats without mercy
Cannons and "Grads"
The wounded ground writhes in pain,
Here ravens fed, here parched field
On the long road of mad century
Evil echo of destiny ...

My day turns to hell -
Shelling and explosions everywhere,
I'm baptized and praying,
Waiting for a miracle
Heart beats as the tocsin

Ludmila Danichkina 2014

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