All In Your Name (Feat. aleonz)

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Second duet with Alice, and this is by far my favorite. I didn't originally write it as a duet, but that's how it turned out. The music is perfect, so thanks guys for helping me create something special.
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Hah! I really have so much fun singing with you on this song with you Josh, your expressions gave a very great feeling into this song, which is make me can't stop giggle while recorded this song. Patrick Created a very excellent song, and that groovy bass line from Gwenrann give a very wonderful mood on this song....thank you guys!+1
We can be so lucky to have good singers here! :)+1
That's really great! Cool voices Josh and Alice!+1
Fantastic!! :)+1
killer !! :) awesome song+1
Awesome job you two. Playful vocals. Made me smile. :)+1
Cool song, Josh! :)+1
I just realize, I did not buy one LP this year, I did not listen music radio stations anymore, I'm a wikilooper, I play on wikiloops, I listen to wikiloops... Scary !:?
For this music, this people, these instants we could share together for others
Merci Alice Merci Josh
very good duett+1

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