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... with my new born daughter. :) :) :) Did some chords on the acoustic and the piano (HD track is just the guitar). Hope someone jumps in (Bass, drums, vocals missin'). Merry chrismas, all you loopers! :)
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Congrats to Madame, hugs Daddy Pat
Christmas before Christmas, the best gift from life... for life :)
With Love

Ah?! nice track by the way, we can feel you are happy proud and in love, That's the good taste of life
December 22 2015 06:05:06
pkliesch True! Thank you for your congrats, my friend. And merry Christmas to you and your family:) +0
Du bist ein Musiker mit allem Zip und Zap! Absolut perfekte Harmonien! Klasse :) Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum kleinen Erdenmenschen und ein schönes 1. Weihnachtsfest :)+1
December 21 2015 20:56:04
pkliesch Danke Dir lieber Adu für das tolle Kompliment. Ich wünsche Dir auch fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr! :) +0
Merry Christmas Marc ;)+1
December 21 2015 20:56:31
pkliesch Merry Christmas, Titi (Call me Pat :) :) ) +1
December 21 2015 21:00:12
titi Ah ah ! Yes Pat...:( +1
YES, I like this very much ! :) :) :) Happy sounds .......+1
December 21 2015 20:57:06
pkliesch Thank's a lot, HiFi! Also for your beautiful Addition! :) +0
awesome track,Merry Christmas bro:)+1
December 21 2015 20:57:39
Lenny Cowler
pkliesch Thank you, my friend. Merry Christmas to you too, Lenny! :) +1
Nice poppy-jazz tune+1
December 21 2015 20:57:58
pkliesch Thank you so much, jm! :) +1
I feel all the joy that surely you have inside! Double wishes dear Patrick! :)+1
December 21 2015 20:58:50
pkliesch Thank you, Stef my friend! Merry Christmas to you! :) +0
how wonderful ... beautiful Christmas time to you and your family :)+1
December 21 2015 20:59:14
pkliesch Thank you, akchen! Merry Christmas to you, too! :) +1
Patrick-Thank you for a year of really great songs. Im a huge admirer of your musicianship. You are truly a song craftsman. Congratulations on your new baby daughter! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and when shes old her first A chord. Merry Christmas-Joe+1
December 21 2015 21:00:27
pkliesch :) I'll do! Thank you, Joe my friend. I wish you merry Christmas too! :) +0
Beautiful happy track!!
Merry Christmas to you too Patrick and congratulations on the little one.
What an awesome Christmas gift!
December 22 2015 05:59:12
pkliesch Yes indeed! Thank you so much Frankie and merry Christmas to you too! +1
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"This place is awesome!!!! I love jamming and hearing others jam!! Merry Christmas everyone \m/"

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