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How do I add the written poem? Voice only version of a poem I am preparing to publish in a collection for Spring 2016
I started checking out Wikiloops to hear what my work sounds like against a backing track
Am open to suggestions


August 11 2016 22:03:08
WadeWade Found this through Balfo's excellent add. Beautiful poetry.

August 11 2016 13:12:36
BalfoBalfo Oh Marva, for this I love you...thanks a lot for sharing and let us be a part of your heart!

August 09 2016 12:35:15
PJEPJE This is so good Marva! :)
+1 August 09 2016 13:21:35 PJEMarva
Thanks so much! I had a cold. TY to Wikiloops for playing with this and creating the diverse tracks!
June 26 2016 21:42:33
Danalyze45Danalyze45 This is awesome ...glad I came across this today :)

May 27 2016 04:23:53
GirardGirard Marva, I love it. I dabble in some spoken word stuff, mostly comedy, and some educational material. I really love spoken word to music it has a power that singing doesn't have. They are two different things.

Keep doing this. I love it a lot of people love it we want more!

UPDATE: I see that you "liked" this comment many days ago. Would it have been too much to ask for you to say "Thanks" or something??? Where are your manners? People never cease to disgust me. Have a nice day.

May 26 2016 00:00:33
StefStef I am fascinated! Wonderful! :)

May 25 2016 09:32:26
AKchenAKchen wonderful speaking :)

May 25 2016 08:54:25
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Fantastic Marva !! :)

May 24 2016 18:35:26
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Oh sorry that I don´t write compliment and only I thumbet your awesome track, It´s great:)
+2 June 02 2016 05:48:25 Lenny CowlerGirard
It doesn't matter, she doesn't seem to reply to overwhelming support anyway.
April 29 2016 18:15:30
moonchildmoonchild Marva, so wonderful :)
+1 April 29 2016 19:46:09 moonchildMarva
Thank you!
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