Xmass (one two) Tree Fever

Remix step #5 (playing)


Tofzegrit1016 jams Supporter

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Back to funk with my M&M's and Dimeo !
Thanks for this gift Marc, you've built this song very quickly and what a clean production.
Recording vocals seems not to be a problem for you anymore and your singing is better and better if I believe what I've heard from you for one year !
The Groove from Martin and Dimeo was made for that, great job funky guys!

I've added some 6 strings and try to follow the lyrics ;)and it was so fun to play !
Some room available for another chorus or Rap before the outro last chorus


December 24 2015 13:12:18
hingstlerhingstler Wow...this is grand!

December 24 2015 01:39:09
mpointonmpointon I've realised I've not commented. So I will now! The playing is, of course, top-draw. The mix: I have to comment on the mix and how you've kept yourself in the background - adding but not taking over. The mark of a musician who knows what they add.
+1 December 24 2015 01:56:31 mpointonTofzegrit
Thanks for pointing this cause I've spent some time :) adding vocals was faster
December 23 2015 23:26:51
AcousticegAcousticeg Great funk ya all...

December 23 2015 23:25:04
FrankMilFrankMil great stuff Tof!
+1 December 23 2015 23:28:31 FrankMilTofzegrit
Merci Frank
Yours is good, too bad I've heard it after doing mine, I would like try a mix of both !
December 23 2015 23:30:32 FrankMilFrankMil
my guitars were too loud, nice balanced mix with yours
December 24 2015 00:01:36 FrankMilTofzegrit
Your "pulse" is amazing
December 23 2015 22:52:55
PsychoPsycho Some fantastic guitar work buddy :)

December 23 2015 22:32:50
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Listen two from two first, Fine guitar! :)

December 23 2015 21:28:36
jamladyjamlady very cery cool Tof!

December 23 2015 20:57:10
blumartiniblumartini aha... so very cool..

December 23 2015 20:16:30
WadeWade Another funkster that found his way into this one. Yes you belong here! Taking full advantage of "play it now".

December 23 2015 19:56:52
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler again super guitar bro:)

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