X-mas Funk (gtr+my vocals added!)

+ 25
That's christmas !

For the first time, I've joined Marc on vocals (not amazing just background vocals on chorus after the guitar solo and an interlude)
The HD track here is only Vocals
The Guitar HD track is available on the instrumental version #59198

Hope it will be a kind of gift for all of you and not a punishment !


January 23 2016 01:36:05
JoshDexterJoshDexter Ha Ha! :D

December 28 2015 16:38:21
frenziefrenzie Great tune! Nice vocals chris hats of :)
Solo ain't bad either!

+1 December 28 2015 16:46:27 frenzieTofzegrit
Merci Frenzie 🎶
December 24 2015 07:43:59
AlbyAlby YEAH!! :D
A really good job Tof...
Merry Christmas to you, Marc, Martin and all wikiloops friends!! :)

December 24 2015 01:47:32
mpointonmpointon It works. It really works, Tof! This is such a cool tune- already one of my favourites. Everything about this track has come together to perfection. 3:09 is epic!
+1 December 24 2015 01:49:28 mpointonTofzegrit
So cool you take part in this too Martin
December 24 2015 01:56:02 mpointonmpointon
Far cooler you do. You're way braver than me. I just hit stuff! Thank you for the last 10 months since I joined. You've been integral to my fitting in here.
December 24 2015 01:58:15 mpointonTofzegrit
and a new Virgin year is coming ! Cool
December 24 2015 01:59:00 mpointonmpointon
It is. And I'm on a mission to make for my recent absence!
December 24 2015 01:33:30
TomasFoeTomasFoe heheeee... yeah! marvelous! :D:D:D:D dancin and wavin...
+1 December 24 2015 01:37:06 TomasFoeTofzegrit
Be careful Tomas: this chorus could stay in your head for awhile ! :)
December 24 2015 01:29:06
UloisiusUloisius yeah, that`s christmas ;)
very cool number from all of you ;o)

+1 December 24 2015 01:36:07 UloisiusTofzegrit
December 23 2015 23:27:10
FrankMilFrankMil Awesome

December 23 2015 22:31:03
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Both are very cool! Fine vocals, and guitar is well played as always !! Nice party:D
+1 December 23 2015 22:34:01 frankyguitarTofzegrit
Merci Franky (not so far from Funky, just realized :))
Joyeux Noel for you and yours mon ami
December 23 2015 22:44:12 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Merci:) and yes, fanky franky....
German pronunciation .....
December 23 2015 21:36:32
PsychoPsycho Excellent... you guys make for a great team. Cool song :)
+1 December 23 2015 22:27:14 PsychoTofzegrit
Agree! and I think 2016 will be more amazing :)

Merci Psy et Joyeux Noel to you and B.S. Family
December 23 2015 22:33:53 PsychoPsycho
I agree... you have really done so much here in the last year, not just for yourself but others too. If Tof is not here when I am I can definitely feel it :)
December 23 2015 21:12:53
FrankieJFrankieJ This induced rapid foot tapping and head bop and physical gyrations of which I am unaccustomed to. In other words, I love it!
+1 December 23 2015 22:26:16 FrankieJTofzegrit
Agree, After recording mixing the guitar, that was still in my head and finally hop hop hop, microphone plugged... come on the french accent :)
Merci Frankie
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