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Looking for vocals bass and drums. But all are welcome to solo over this. Sax Flute acoustic what ever. I will be adding strings and classical guitar. Thanks for listening.
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Layback and close your eyes


Love it! Very nice piano! This is Gold!;)+2
December 24 2015 18:48:23
Lenny Cowler
Haffast Drums Lenny? ;) +1
December 25 2015 11:27:36
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler maybe, I promised more things:) +1
December 26 2015 01:48:35
Lenny Cowler
Haffast I understand completely! Merry Christmas! :) +1
Well tomorrow is Christmas so I suppose alot of gift wrapping to clean up, maybe a little church mass then eat another large meal.+1
that was beautiful..+1
Oh so talented my man+1
This is beautiful! I LOVE it!

Man, get some nice, pounding drums and this could be an epic TSO style Christmas song!

Calling ALL drummers! :)
Should have expected you are multi instrumental. Such a talent. Will wait for the strings etc for a download.+1
so beautiful..+1
I can only imagine how wonderful this beautiful track will turn into with the string and all of the adds, this is so lovely A+1
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