Uncle Walker

Bass & Vocals:
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step I
Marceys982 jams

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+ 21
Great track of Alice. I had to figure out the chords... but hope that these colours fit to this cool track! Did some piano, rhodes and hammond.... cheerzzzz


Excellent track from you both! There's no way I'm going to resist this!+1
December 24 2015 16:18:02
Marceys I can hear you allready! :) +1
December 24 2015 21:54:38
mpointon :) :) :) :) +1
sounds perfect to me ! yellow sections are supercool. brilliant, Marceys!!+1
December 24 2015 16:18:32
Marceys Thanks man, the yellow part is my favourite too! :) +0
oh..oh..oh my..listening this song is like opening my Christmas present under the tree, This is awesome!, I know you will nailed it with a super cool way, this is perfecto! I can see my uncle walker in my head smiling just like me! Thank you Marc...Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!+1
December 24 2015 16:21:08
Marceys Glad you like it Alice, extra colours for a cool track! Let's hear some drums now! :) You have a wonderful Christmas Eve too! +1
Unbelievable cool!!+1
December 25 2015 08:20:57
Marceys Thanks Steve! +0
Great job with this tough track :)+1
December 25 2015 08:21:23
Marceys Thanks man, yeah it was pretty tricky... +1
A very tough assignment you've given yourself. Very cool backing starting at 1:36+1
December 25 2015 08:22:17
Marceys Yeah, it wasn't one run with this track....some figuring out.... But cool times! +1
just unbelievable. It's a must. Love all the parts and the gospel style chops. Bad A**+1
December 25 2015 08:25:54
Marceys Thanks man, Alice build a cool track with all kinds of different parts in it.... It was a cool thing to figure some out! Now it's time for the drummer :) +0
Fantastic work from U two :)...magic bass and vocal.......and extra thumbs for the piano solo over the voice in the middle of the track....+1
December 25 2015 09:38:24
Marceys Thanks man! alice made some cool track here, it was a blast to play to it! :) +0
That works so well Uncle Walker is adopted now :)
I like this 70's feel in ... The yellow parts.
Another so good and awesome ... Jam!?!? :)
December 26 2015 10:57:56
Marceys That was a tricky track from Alice, think I had the level a bit to loud...strange..hearing some clipping.... Maybe the HD can solve this... +1
December 26 2015 12:17:34
Tofzegrit Yes for the challenge and yes also about some clipping. Wait and see or... Hear! +1
very niccce+1
December 30 2015 19:46:53
Marceys Thanks chris! +0

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