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Remix step #2 (playing)


SupJax151 jams
+ 6
extern acousticG record, software amp
extern eG amp record [mono right @ mid part]
software drums, edits + fixes
high comp/filter/dist/+vandal remaster

headphones with sub++ recommended


June 16 2016 18:52:46
James dooJames doo Every flavor of tone..and the filter effects are cool

June 16 2016 18:52:36
James dooJames doo Every flavor of tone..and the filter effects are cool

June 16 2016 18:52:31
James dooJames doo Every flavor of tone..and the filter effects are cool
+1 June 24 2016 21:22:43 James dooSupJax
spammed comment? :D check
i tried to crank up the soundwaves, way tricky without the 1st released data
June 16 2016 18:51:55
James dooJames doo This is really cool supjax
+1 June 24 2016 21:21:37 James dooSupJax
aye thx!
March 10 2016 15:35:27
GuadañaGuadaña ah, ok... no it sounds such brutal man!!!!
+1 March 10 2016 15:56:56 GuadañaSupJax
i wasn't able to do like this once again. so it's a very rare project. succesfull it seems. one of my most heard songs by myself (?). feels more and more like a song from anyone else. guess that's a positive aspect
December 27 2015 21:02:24
R-SquaredR-Squared Cool industrial track
+1 December 30 2015 23:07:26 R-SquaredSupJax
thx for the listen :)
December 27 2015 16:22:22
abuitremoremabuitremorem The floor vibrates although I only wear headphones :)
+1 December 27 2015 16:44:40 abuitremoremSupJax
:DDD episch
that's how i get the right tune :)
December 27 2015 07:09:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good, reminds me little Mike Patton´s group "Fantomas":)
+1 December 27 2015 08:17:23 Lenny CowlerSupJax
lol. you're right :V twin peaks - fire walk live. been looking for new stuff since a while. solved :V
thank you, both!
December 27 2015 05:10:19
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Kind has a similar sound and style like pomegranate tiger. \m/
+1 December 27 2015 08:08:43 WHITEPONGOSupJax
@@ heavy thx for the advice. sounds like i'll have a good time with that, interesting sound :V
thank you!!

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