Chill Zone II

Remix step #5 (playing)
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The second guitar here came out a little louder than I wanted with the conversion to mp3 or something...I don't think I buried the sax or other instruments. I hope I didn't. Anyways, awesome track from all...was a pleasure hearing this and playing along :)


March 19 2016 20:55:32
...and another one I missed ! Great work Dan

January 30 2016 01:22:42
Dan !! Sublime, the background, this lead. Intensity comes so slowly and feeling is there along the song!
Well Dan my friend :)

+1 January 30 2016 04:07:24 Tofzegrit Danalyze45
Paul, Martin and Fish are all to thank. I really tried to echo / embellish the lines they set up in the track. Thanks TOF :)
January 30 2016 04:13:56 Tofzegrit Tofzegrit
I did some great ones with them (this one included btw)
January 28 2016 22:02:05
Great one Dan!
+1 January 30 2016 04:08:10 akethesnaker Danalyze45
Thank you Ake...Always good to make a fellow player like the lines :)
December 28 2015 14:47:37
nicely done Dan!

December 28 2015 02:58:27
This was such an awesome listen... vibe was so smooth and relaxed, but yet exhilarating! We are only working in the mp3 download world here, so who gives a hoot what the mix sounds like... no way your ever gonna get a superb mix this way! But with that said, it sounded really good for a listen while kickin' back and enjoying the evening! Gotta say, Danalyze45... your playing is so sweet man! The tone on this was right where it needed to be, the note choices were inspiring and in the pocket, and the emotional connection to the notes.... Wow!! Excellent job on this track folks!!!
+1 December 28 2015 04:48:00 GibsonAxe Danalyze45
Thanks man...this one was a little rushed for me but I liked the takes when I listened back so I went with it :) It's easy when the track is so good to start with !
December 28 2015 01:31:34
Nice ad Danalyze..I have found when going MP3 on my stuff..It tends to to be a bit loud after the remix as well. I knock it down a couple points in the gain on my own track mix before uploading it..For someone like me that doesn't know much about seems to be the ticket in Audacity. :) Thanks for adding your guitar(s)
+1 December 28 2015 04:50:49 Fishinmissio Danalyze45
Thanks to all of you guys for the track to work from! I wanted to keep the awesome bass melody and your lines as the main focus and just kind of bathe them in some chous-ey guitars :)
December 27 2015 22:59:07
It sounds like you may have just had the master track gain I little high as the bass is booming a bit but overall sounds great

December 27 2015 20:02:40
It's not flat lined, maybe a bit loud but it sounds great. You should do more of these, just because :)
+2 December 27 2015 20:04:53 Psycho Danalyze45
I like these types of tunes...I wish I had had more time to "really" work out the second guitar parts with the harmonic background, but it was trying to re-state the lines Paul and Fishin put out in their parts but on guitar :)
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