Remix step #3 (playing)


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loved this track for over a year now and always been afraid to have a go at it....anyhow i grew some and did it!
thought smooth chromes all silky and nice on my 335 would contrast with Steve's great raspy (strat with ernie ball?) strings.
i also thought (and i know its the wrong war) but the sound of "huey" copters is a sound of war for our generation so i stripped in a loop all the way through and brought up the bass on it and faded it in and outs a constant subliminal background.
couldn't resist later putting some shit switch channel in.
then when i came to upload i noticed wades version i down loaded that and remixed again...less than ideal but hey, at least i finally did it :)


December 29 2015 00:31:13
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice piece of nice Mr K, besides the fine music everything is so nice & clear..
Congrats & still early but Happy New One !

+0 December 29 2015 00:50:57 nuno1959kimbo
And you nuno xxx
December 28 2015 17:39:05
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool Kim
+0 December 28 2015 18:37:59 jmrukkerskimbo
Thanks jo...happy new year
December 28 2015 11:44:52
davetdavet Brilliant, a complete track, superb input from all i would love to hear the rest of the soundtrack.......

December 28 2015 08:59:34
UloisiusUloisius very cool Music ;o)
+0 December 28 2015 09:00:05 Uloisiuskimbo
Thanks mate
December 28 2015 08:15:51
aduadu very good buddy :)

December 28 2015 03:59:51
SlonMusicSlonMusic listened with a big pleasure.. You did a big mix work, great 335 sound and cool playing bro. As Psycho said, never doubt yourself!
I used here my Framus with Elixir 10-46 strings and Gibson LP for the soloing.. Thank you so much Kimbo!

+0 December 28 2015 08:58:11 SlonMusickimbo
I should really have redone my b guitars when I added wades sax....but I just didn't have it in me. The thanks are all from me to you mate.
It's scary playing with such a well crafted thing.... Always afraid of messing it up, but I guess that's part of caring.
Thanks again Steve.
December 28 2015 02:56:03
PsychoPsycho Very well done mix... never doubt yourself... go for it... as you just did... success !! :)
+0 December 28 2015 08:54:06 Psychokimbo
Thanks mate...doubt is one of my driving forces.
December 28 2015 02:33:46
jamladyjamlady what a great idea! It fits perfectly with saxophone. big stage!!!

December 28 2015 02:14:20
JeebsieJeebsie This is awesome, tells a story:)

December 28 2015 02:13:14
petebasspetebass cool track -nice mix ;)


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