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sfiks50 jams
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Thank you for the opportunity to add my 2 cents, guys.


January 14 2016 13:30:06
very cool!
+1 January 14 2016 21:19:39 alexj sfiks
Thank you for finding time to listen :)
December 30 2015 20:02:45
Nice touches that definitely add to the feel of this one. Good tone and presence.
+1 December 30 2015 22:37:58 Wade sfiks
Pleased to hear that from a specialist!
December 31 2015 04:07:06 Wade Wade
Specialist? Just not well rounded.
Wish I could play a whole heap of instruments like you. I'm stuck in the "one note at a time" mode. You're also a tasty player adding substance rather than technical fluff.
December 31 2015 04:20:18 Wade sfiks
What I meant was that it was great to hear a compliment from a real saxophonist. I'm not a real player - I play instruments from samplemodeling.com on a keyboard with a breath controller. It is such a fun to jam with real musicians :)
December 31 2015 10:11:08 Wade Wade
OK, I get it. Yet it's no biggie what instrument or set up you are using as the music still needs to come from you. Not having to learn how to develop embouchure may be a very good step forward. I learned how to play sax in around 1958, so that's probably half a century before these technologies were possible...I do what I can with the tools I know. May be totally superseded and with nobody playing a physically real instrument in the future. Won't matter as long as the music is good.
December 28 2015 20:26:01
great fit, wowowow
+1 December 29 2015 01:39:58 AKchen sfiks
Thank you!
December 28 2015 19:55:07
OK 2 cents, good cents :)
+1 December 29 2015 01:39:31 Tofzegrit sfiks
Thank you, my friend :)
December 28 2015 17:34:56
very cool sfiks!
+1 December 29 2015 01:38:55 Marceys sfiks
Glad you liked it, Marc!
December 28 2015 17:20:43
your 2 cents sounds worth a million dollars Slava! this track is one of my fave track, and you just added a very delicious ingredients that really lift up all other element on this song, guys this track is crazy good!
+1 December 29 2015 01:38:10 aleonz sfiks
Thank you for the kind comment, Alice!
December 28 2015 13:06:17
cody trippcody tripp
+1 December 28 2015 16:34:00 cody tripp sfiks
Glad you like it :)

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