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At this point i'm going a bit nuts sorting out MIDI stuff on my new fx board, stuff of which i know next to nothing……… Anyway, tired of getting nowhere nothing like picking up the bass & fool around a little to decompress.. as in ''before i kick a pedal or something'' !! ;) Here's the resulting jam - at 1.26 i crash & burn big time but anyway.. - i really do love my delays, they allow me so much, ...


So Nuno. Bass melodic lines all the way. Sounding good and nice recovery from 1:26.+1
December 30 2015 06:00:08
nuno1959 Glad you enjoyed it, thanks Wade..
Re-1:26, i feel like kicking myself when they happen !! :D
Man thats some Gilmour riffin:)+1
December 29 2015 12:51:04
nuno1959 Shhh.. Yes i stole it from him but.. you' were NOT supposed to say anything !!…. :D +0
It's always a pleasure to listen to your track Nuno, it happen to me a lot of times, when I plane to make some arr for a song, and all the things is set, and trying a few things, and I end up picked up my guitar or my bass , Your bass line sounds beautiful, it sing it's own song in a very pretty way :)+1
December 28 2015 20:53:36
nuno1959 MANY thanks Sister Alice, that's one heck of a compliment !!
Very happy you derive enjoyment out of my tunes.. ;)
cody tripp
December 28 2015 20:48:33
cody tripp
nuno1959 Thanks Cody, glad you think so !! +1
oh! I like this nuno!;)very cool!+1
December 28 2015 20:48:11
nuno1959 Cheers Pico, thanks !!
Very glad you do my friend.. ;)
December 28 2015 21:09:43
incivanpico All The Best 4 The New Year 2U& Your Loved Ones m8!:):) +1
December 28 2015 22:34:15
nuno1959 Thank you, same to you as well but i think this year i'm TOTALLY rebelling :
nice dinner, then early to bed & wake up real late the next day !! :D
Lenny Cowler
super bro:) Happy new years:)+1
December 28 2015 20:47:33
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks !! Now, are you at least making a New Year's Eve party for the geckos !? ;)
This year i'm rebelling & going early to bed… :D
very cool nuno ;o)
I am sure their will be come a lot of adds ;o)
December 28 2015 20:46:26
nuno1959 Thank you Uloisius, i sure hope so.. ;) +0

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