Avec l'Age (Trio Keys/Drums/Bass)

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As you've readed in Marc's presentation, That's the chords progression from an old piece of mine. I Asked him to give it a new life! Just let you know that the original is a soft jazz tempo 50... New life from me too :) I have added my slave drummer (EZDrummer) and a bass (I'm its Slave). (I have played some guitar too... for later... or not !) Maybe some of you could jam over waiting for a real drummer! HD TRACK is ...
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You know your song so well Tof, I've listened this song when Marc posted his track, and now this song get into a very nice shape with you in it :)+1
December 28 2015 17:14:54
Tofzegrit Merci Alice, It's just waiting for you now Babe :)
The original was between "Porky Pie hat" and "Blue in Green", this is a little bit more FunkGroove
Way cool Tof! Great bassline under your chords! :)+1
December 28 2015 20:17:23
Tofzegrit Good to have fun!
Merci Marc
sound wonderful :)+1
Good build...towards??? Hope this gets the uptake it deserves.+1
Man, love the bass funky line and change to moving bass line interplay with guitar at 4:20, just great!+1
Super smooth, inviting funky-ish vibe..
Love the flow of it !!
Super boulot :) quel talent...+0

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