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OliVBee582 jams Supporter
Remix step #3


Shi354 jams Supporter
Remix step #6 (playing)


Relativity315 jams
+ 13
Okay being this bass thing is driving me insane let alone poor Olivebee with all my remixes....
By doing this song I want to accomplish a few things.

Mix smooth as butter songs.
Have a soft yet pulsing compressed and warm bass
Have fun playing a uber happy walking bass line with Shi singing on olives awesome song along with Zach and DFD..

THanks for the patience but Im really trying to kick up standard here and I do appreciate all the really great honest feedback!
Im working hard at it for my vacation and I know when I take a breather and come back Ill be all the better. Im having more fun doing this then when I was recently travelling to Switzerland. It really is relaxing for me as Im learning and trying to develop standards.


December 31 2015 14:35:30
Very cool and good way to the jazzy Mix here :)

December 30 2015 11:07:48
that's a cool mix ! it is matching the awsome concept in jazz songs : bass should be there without sticking out, you have to be able to forget about it as well as find it right away if that's what you're looking for !
+1 December 30 2015 19:31:05 OliVBee Relativity
Exactly! Understood! Subtle yet when the bass moves or walks it needs to be the legs of the song. Im working on now assembling what I think are exceptional mixes here and they are going to be my references for different styles. I used your mix with Haddock for this volume wise and kept comparing the two. THen used the Fletcher Muenson effect...Mixed at low volume then high volume until both the same. I do think overall track volume can come down but not worried about it now. Thanks.
December 30 2015 10:56:39
wonderful ....

December 30 2015 09:00:21
perfect ;o)

December 30 2015 07:41:37
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good job:)

December 30 2015 04:57:58
Wonderful jazzy thing here, and great bass lines Joe!
+1 December 30 2015 05:03:17 kennyadry Relativity
Thanks Kenny!
December 30 2015 04:57:27
I think you did it buddy.... this track sounds as good as any I've heard lately :)
+1 December 30 2015 05:03:08 Psycho Relativity
Thanks , I used the Fletcher Muenson curve to my advantage. Think itll settle this from now on. Hopefully.

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