This is no Irish Bargain Party!

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Drums, Violin & Percussion:
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step I
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A fractured Viking Opera tale set during the 1200's. There is something terribly wrong with this opera and it has gone awry!
Girard---Vocals/ playing the mixed up, and disturbed Viking warrior that has ADD/OCD. Also he must an education regarding women because he can't tell what a woman looks like.
Piper---Vocals/ playing the bored spoiled English Woman who is begging to be with a Viking Man just to show her a good time ;)
Last but not least, 'Daddy W" and his cool ...
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Piper, Girard, Vocals


This is great 👍👍😀+0
Pit Brett
great piper :) also Girard and woXey :)+1
Major 3rd
what???? no Irish bargain party.? I thought my lyrics were sometimes hardcore...hahaha "punch you in the face " break you! crush you! hahaha I feel much better now...great adds by everyone it piper! cheers :W+1
December 29 2016 04:41:30
Major 3rd
piper LOL :D +0
OMG I'm rolling on the floor this is awesome :)+1
francisco al
muito legal piper. bom trabalho+1
a musical :):):) - super+1
July 14 2016 17:37:30
piper LOL :) +0
Well, that was...unexpected. Can't believe I've missed the 'loops very own Shield Maiden until now. Very funny :D+1
June 16 2016 04:13:45
piper Yes! The one and only 👌 +0
francisco al
bem legal+0
New here... Original and lovely. I used to be part of an opera group. I really appreciate your work here.+1
December 31 2015 13:26:15
piper Hi Rob!
How cool to be part of an opera group! I'm glad that you liked our silly antics! ;)
Happy New Year!! :D

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