Hooked (Last Jam 2015!)

Remix step #3 (playing)


Tofzegrit1016 jams Supporter
+ 16
Some guitar added for this last jam of the year
plenty of room left

One year of wikiloops = I've learned a lot, Played some stuff I've never play or imagine could playing one day, met some incredible people.
I really realize I'm so happy in my musical life so in my own global life too... And that's because of... You All

Best wishes for 2016


December 31 2015 23:17:43
barkndogbarkndog Nice Tof. Let 2016 be the year of the HAMER :)

December 31 2015 20:00:17
WadeWade A great tune to see out the year and anticipate all the great tunes next year. Wishing you and everyone all the best.

December 31 2015 19:45:24
AKchenAKchen lovely 2016 to you :)

December 31 2015 19:32:27
YoWildYoWild Superb sounds here. I wish you the best. Inspirational harmony in heart and mind. Happy 2016! ;)

December 31 2015 18:50:36
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome bro,You always know how,next year you will be even better, all best for you:)
+1 December 31 2015 19:31:52 Lenny CowlerTofzegrit
I grew up this year and learn a lit because of people like you and I believe we became friends. no price for that!
Thank you Lenny Cowler💜
December 31 2015 18:44:11
MarceysMarceys Hey Christophe! Way cool jam in 2015! Thanks for all your great musictracks you made and we did together too! Was very cool to get into.....
Let's do some more in 2016! We gotta do another duet next year! :) Happy New Year for you and your family! Cheers, i'll drink a beer to your health! :)

+1 December 31 2015 19:28:12 MarceysTofzegrit
December 31 2015 17:46:44
AlbyAlby I met Wikiloops listening a your piece, which became my first remix.
Now, as I am going to the end-year party, I'm listening this your last jam...
Thanks Tof for all the wonderful works you gave us!!! :)

+1 December 31 2015 19:29:28 AlbyTofzegrit
Grazie mille Alby
December 31 2015 16:35:10
RickplayerRickplayer Super cool add thanks for joining in
+1 December 31 2015 19:32:15 RickplayerTofzegrit
My pleasure Dave :)
December 31 2015 16:03:47
PsychoPsycho Chris, you play like a pro (this proves it), you're a staple here, funny as hell, great with words, and I'm proud to have been able to jam with you and have your friendship. Have a great, wonderful and Happy New Year. 2016 will be as good or better :) From the great Silver Back, be safe buddy :)
+2 December 31 2015 16:06:57 PsychoTofzegrit
Merci mon Psy
Hugs and the best for 2016
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