New Year Opening

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Hop hop hop Rokish new year
Got to work now, yes on a 1st january !!
But night job out yesterday so... compensation for the company and I will not cry I will have to work out of my nighty hours, I will finish at 10:30 pm for once :)

Thank you Yo, Schum and mulambo

Oh ! and listen to the song done by Herman on the other side of the mix tree, track#60184 (so Good)


January 19 2016 10:26:03
SupJaxSupJax jao. incredible sound :D

January 02 2016 17:53:57
aleonzaleonz A great big strike to opened the year brother, great line you draw here! once again HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all

January 02 2016 02:52:16
kennyadrykennyadry late greetings! Happy New Year! The intro reminds me of something I can't recall! Very nice rocky and edgy playing, I love this style with your leading playing. The second section has similarity with DT! Great Job Uncle Tof! And great job all!
+2 January 02 2016 07:19:00 kennyadryTofzegrit
Merci Kenny
My best wishes to you and yours for this new year to come... Health and fun!
January 01 2016 20:48:40
fannefanne Oh yes! Great opening for the new year for sure! I feel 16 is your lucky number!

January 01 2016 20:34:49
WadeWade Clear clean lines played with intensity and intent. Great play from all.

January 01 2016 17:32:42
AKchenAKchen great music, wow !! :)

January 01 2016 17:14:45
GatorblueGatorblue really outstanding track--cool playing Tof--lots of power in this track.

January 01 2016 16:53:43
PsychoPsycho A fine 2016 add... you rock man :) Don't work too hard !!

January 01 2016 15:35:43
mulambomulambo your guitar add brought grandiosity to the track, great work!!

January 01 2016 15:11:16
YoWildYoWild Rock on! Welcome 2016! \m/
+1 January 01 2016 21:45:40 YoWildTofzegrit
Addicted to you ? :)
January 01 2016 22:39:49 YoWildYoWild
Supose so :D
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