To Lucas (My Winter Smile)

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My second son Lucas is 18 today and I wanted to make a dedication to him.
Just realize the title of this old song of mine fits perfectly with him cause He's a winter boy and he's got a very nice pretty smile.

So this is only a try version I did in May 2014!
with drums, keys, strings and lead

I'm proud of you son and I love you

Please, add your ideas on the Template do not consider the track is over...


February 11 2016 23:31:13
ivaxivax Tofz hey, how I've missed this, fantastic

January 03 2016 16:07:39
kimbokimbo :) happy birthday ..."son of tof"
and happy new year all all in the tot household

January 02 2016 17:32:03
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho e como suou bem essa nona acrescida excelente....

January 02 2016 15:17:41
aleonzaleonz What a lovely gift Tof, i can feel such a great emotion on this song, and they all a great and cool feelin...Happy Birthday Lucas! I wish him all the best things in life!

January 02 2016 15:10:48
cody trippcody tripp Awesome. This will go far.

January 02 2016 10:29:38
AKchenAKchen great dedication to your winter sun ;) Happy Birthday Lucas :)

January 02 2016 10:24:11
amandoamando Great Tof!!! As always...

January 02 2016 07:57:23
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good bro:)

January 02 2016 04:57:37
SlonMusicSlonMusic Nice track! Do your sons play guitar?
+1 January 02 2016 07:11:23 SlonMusicTofzegrit
Merci Steve and No, my sons do not play music and do not care about what I do.
That's sad but true:(
January 02 2016 03:15:21
kennyadrykennyadry Then let me greet my cousis a happy birthday!!!! What a lovely jazz here, soulful, erotic, and very much passion is displayed...I could'nt think of any player but Jeff Beck...Killler playing Uncle TOf!
+1 January 02 2016 07:11:57 kennyadryTofzegrit
Merci Kenny

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