Another Smoothie

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Hey..You asked for some sax. This is a cool template..Excuse the soprano sax..Brand new to me (a little rough at the moment). Hopefully a more refined sound coming soon with that..and well the tenor came as I started recording..thus the pauses..Hope you like it..Mark :) Thanks for your contribution :)


July 11 2016 16:59:18
francisco alfrancisco al ficou legal

January 03 2016 23:40:19
GlezBassGlezBass On jazz club....

January 03 2016 19:39:02
WadeWade Soprano sounds in tune! The tone is all over the place, but hopefully will settle down with some work. Nice playing throughout.

January 03 2016 17:19:42
PsychoPsycho Well done... doesn't appear to be an easy one to follow :)

January 03 2016 13:54:56
petebasspetebass Hi Mark really great sound,superb sax:)

January 03 2016 11:24:16
AKchenAKchen awesome playing & track !!!!

January 03 2016 09:51:34
Mike_66Mike_66 W O W!!! That was exactly what was in my mind creating this template. Thank you Fishinmissio. You play wunderful and the sound is great. Still plenty of room for others to join.

January 03 2016 09:37:45
MarceysMarceys hey, thats great Mark, cool to have a soprano too ain't it! You also played the tenor on this didn't you? The first and last part were done by the soprano if I hear correct....
Cool ride! Have fun with your new instrument! You also own an alt-sax?

+1 January 03 2016 18:19:39 MarceysFishinmissio
Thanks Marceys :) are correct and yes I have an alto sax as well :)
January 03 2016 07:42:23
onewholeftonewholeft Sounds like a great new toy my man !

January 03 2016 07:41:26
UloisiusUloisius Top ;o)
+1 January 03 2016 09:52:55 UloisiusMike_66
Moin Uli, wie siehts aus? Bock das Teil mit deiner genialen Stimme zu veredeln?
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