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Testing out the new strat with some clean and Tube Screamer settings


January 05 2016 17:49:28
pklieschpkliesch Great sound! Have a nice 2016, Dan!

January 03 2016 21:17:19
JohnnievocalJohnnievocal Sounds great!

January 03 2016 19:50:24
RickplayerRickplayer Oh yes the Strat is the way to add a different tone and class to a track. Great tube screamer. When you see bands play there is always a Strat with a Gibson. They fit. Well done Dan I may have to borrow a fender bass to play on this
+1 January 03 2016 19:55:51 RickplayerDanalyze45
I do love the distinctness between certain instruments/makers :) The strat really did go well with this and was a nice first jam with the new axe for sure
January 03 2016 17:08:28
PsychoPsycho The great tube screamer... sounds fantastic Dan. Cool title !!

January 03 2016 16:00:00
AlbyAlby Awesome guitar and great playing, as usual! ;)
+1 January 03 2016 18:06:39 AlbyDanalyze45
Thanks for the compliment there...Lots of years listening to Thin Lizzy I think really came out in this one. After I listened to it I hear a lot of "Fight Or Fall" type guitar phrases that sort of just came out :).
January 03 2016 09:37:40
anonyanony sound nice

January 03 2016 08:22:15
UloisiusUloisius Very cool add, very nice Music ;o)

January 03 2016 08:14:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Very good bro:)
+1 January 03 2016 08:29:06 Lenny CowlerDanalyze45
Thank you Lenny !
January 03 2016 08:09:40
onewholeftonewholeft Will have to get a Strat one day
+0 January 03 2016 08:12:46 onewholeftDanalyze45
I haven't played one in a LONG time...forgot how beautiful they can sound.
January 03 2016 08:16:19 onewholeftonewholeft
But still love my les Paul
January 03 2016 08:28:30 onewholeftDanalyze45
Same here ...they both have their purposes :)
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