One Night Stand

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Thx to Frank, Lenny & Mulambo for the great Template ;o)

This Song is Part of the Album „Alter Ego“



July 19 2016 00:29:06
Pit BrettPit Brett
Hammer Song und Gesang!
+1 July 19 2016 08:37:45 Pit Brett Uloisius
Vielen Dank Pit ;o)
January 19 2016 20:02:10
toll :)
+1 July 19 2016 08:37:22 abuitremorem Uloisius
Vielen Dank abu ;o)
January 19 2016 16:59:33
ahhh awesome technics. so crunchy
+1 July 19 2016 08:37:04 SupJax Uloisius
Vielen Dank SupJax ;o)
January 10 2016 22:05:00
Ho, ho, wirklich ein sehr sehr cooler Rocksong! Trifft bei mir genau ins Schwarze!!
+2 January 12 2016 21:56:39 frankyguitar Uloisius
Vielen Dank franky ;o)
January 06 2016 17:42:20
Hammerhart erinnert mich an meine Sex Pistols Zeit.

+2 January 06 2016 19:31:01 Mike_66 Uloisius
Danke dir Mike, im Moment bin ich ein wenig auf Krawall gebürstet ;o)
January 06 2016 04:38:37
Take it cool with the champagne:D
+2 January 06 2016 07:50:44 akethesnaker Uloisius
Thank you ake, with the alcohol you have to watch already ;o)
January 05 2016 17:34:51
Such a great surprise! Du klingst super in englisch und rockig und schnell!!! Cool, Ulo! Alles Gute für Dich im neuen Jahr!
+2 January 05 2016 17:50:12 pkliesch Uloisius
Vielen Dank Patrick, auch für dich nur das Beste im Neuen Jahr und überhaupt ;o) Im Moment machen mir die härteren Sachen richtig Spaß ;o)
January 04 2016 19:23:36
good work man .bravo
+2 January 05 2016 07:29:49 anony Uloisius
Thank you very much dusty ;o)
January 03 2016 19:45:29
The emergence of a new heavy vocal personality? Good to just have fun sometimes. Interesting that as the voice and music gets heavy the lyrics get lighter... and vise versa.
+2 January 03 2016 20:47:10 Wade Uloisius
Thank you for your feedback Wade, I am very pleased that you like the song ;o)

I heard the template and thought to myself "what a cool punk ballad". In principle, the text is easy, I agree with you.
A One Night Stand is probably a fairly short, blatant form of relationship and where the word love is written it would have to actually "unconditional sex" are named.
So it's been a rather "strange" form of romance that I sing here ;o)
In so far as the text fits actually very good I think ;o)

I hope that my English is linguistically somewhat correctly ;o)
January 03 2016 22:38:45 Wade Wade
Perfect English! Much better than my typing too fast and sending strange messages. I do like your more thoughtful provocative, poetic and heavy message lyrics I must admit. But there is a time and place for everything. Enjoyed this one.
January 03 2016 19:41:45
great vocal and lyrics man. great concept
+2 January 03 2016 20:27:47 FrankMil Uloisius
Thank you for you cool Guitar man wich was the Beginn of all ;o)
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