Melancholy Blue

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Hey Alice from Ipanema ! You asked me, Here I am!
RichY, what a nice template, I miss you Man ;)

I've added a kind of Jazzy sound
I'm not sure about my mix, left ear is out of order since Friday


October 02 2016 18:44:53
francisco alfrancisco al ótimo. bom trabalho. Tofzegrit

January 08 2016 10:18:16
LieschingLiesching This beautiful song was made for your guitar :)! Excellent!!
+1 January 08 2016 15:25:48 LieschingTofzegrit
That's come so easy sometimes, glad the issue is equal to the emotion & sensations felt while listening to /playing it.
Merci Marc
January 04 2016 10:04:03
KeitonKeiton Nicely done Tof :)

January 03 2016 23:42:01
GlezBassGlezBass Very good Tof

January 03 2016 21:12:22
FrankMilFrankMil lovely playing and such a sweet tone. like a pro
+1 January 03 2016 21:26:08 FrankMilTofzegrit
Merci Frank
January 03 2016 19:49:27
WadeWade Sweet soft solo that fits so well.
+1 January 03 2016 21:26:28 WadeTofzegrit
Merci Wade
January 03 2016 19:42:49
titititi Tu te cachais mon Tof !
I arrive late ! Perfect sweetness for our soft Alice! Great play and feelings :)

+1 January 03 2016 20:16:01 titiTofzegrit
Ma put... d'oreille bouchée... Alors je fais dans la délicatesse:) Priorité ORL demain.
January 03 2016 19:25:30
aleonzaleonz So your ears not stuck anymore brother? very cool and lovely approach on this one Tof, love how sweetly you treat the track, and that solo so beautiful...thank you for play on this one :)
+1 January 03 2016 19:55:35 aleonzTofzegrit
Finally, I don't need my ears when I play with you, I feel vibes :)
Glad glad glad you like it Alice🎶
January 03 2016 19:00:58
PhénolPhénol Welldone Tof :)

January 03 2016 18:05:00
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good job bro:)
+1 January 03 2016 18:33:03 Lenny CowlerTofzegrit
Merci Lenny

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