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January 17 2016 03:00:42
Nice add, Claudia! Very tasteful. What's your microphone setup look like? I need to upgrade my equipment here - silly little clip on mic is not doing it. Looking forward to a future collaboration with you!
+1 January 18 2016 00:06:57 schwaglr jamlady
I use AKG P170 microphone. But I'm not completely satisfied. Better was the cheap normal PC Micro. But mine is broken
January 09 2016 10:01:30
Oh my goodness...I'm so sorry for being so late to listen to your golden add Claudia,
(been a bit on and off from loops, i missed so much wonderful tracks).. thank you for dropped me a message for this one, finally got sometimes to put a happy tears to my eyes, you know how I adore your cello, and you really brought such a strong emotional feeling to that part..thank you very much for brighten up my day Claudia, this is so beautiful..

+1 January 09 2016 23:41:47 aleonz jamlady
i thank you soo much dear Alice!I am very glad that you like it! I was hoping.
January 09 2016 01:55:15
Cello is a perfect add for the mood of this song and you play it so beautifully. Enjoyed this very much. Vielen danke Jamlady!
+1 January 09 2016 23:39:11 gwailoah jamlady
thanks you very much!
January 09 2016 00:10:36
classy as a classy voice can be
+1 January 09 2016 02:06:13 slowchops jamlady
ja, die Stimme von Alice ist einmalig
January 08 2016 03:08:30
Second listening. Downloaded to be part of my special collection.
+1 January 09 2016 02:05:27 ROBJOL jamlady
thank you so much Robert!
January 08 2016 02:36:05
Alice has a perfect and clear voice and the cello is magnificent. Zachary is an exceptionnal composer.
Dreamy trio and the result is exceptionnally beautiful

+1 January 08 2016 02:41:00 ROBJOL jamlady
Thank you very much for listening and for your kind words, dear Robert!
January 07 2016 21:58:41
Very nice emotion over this flyin' song :) cello with voice great !
+1 January 07 2016 22:09:31 GuitarPlyr jamlady
thank you very much!
January 06 2016 12:26:35
Wunderbar dezentes Cello-Farbenspiel. Großes Kunst. :)
+1 January 07 2016 22:10:00 Liesching jamlady
herzlichen Dank!
January 06 2016 01:00:43
very nice song and cello perfectly fits it.
Sehr schön

+1 January 06 2016 01:05:00 zeuhl50 jamlady
thank you very much!
January 05 2016 17:20:50
Sehr schönes und gut passendes Cello! Alles Gute im neuen Jahr für Dich jl! :)
+1 January 05 2016 17:28:47 pkliesch jamlady
vielen lieben Dank! Dir und Deiner Familie auch alles erdenklich Gute zum neuen Jahr!
January 16 2016 23:12:22 pkliesch pkliesch
Hörs mir gerade nochmal mit Kopfhörern an. Absolut eins Deiner besten Celloadds, jl!!!
January 16 2016 23:20:19 pkliesch jamlady
vielen herzlichen Dank!
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