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Remix step #2 (playing)
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The drums are from addictive drums 2 with a tempo change only, I use it as a second metronome when I am bored with just clicks. Here for example only, Feel free to ignore this.


January 06 2016 18:21:32
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

January 06 2016 06:32:53
AKchenAKchen so interesting, how a bass ride changes by a drum, sorry, I have no idea of playing instruments, for me it´s fascinating ;) great !!

January 06 2016 02:05:10
RelativityRelativity Im not going to ignore anything! Sounding good.Its fleshing in nicely!

January 06 2016 01:58:19
PsychoPsycho How can I ignore a good track :)

January 06 2016 01:09:05
GirardGirard One of your best jams ever! WOOTz
+1 January 06 2016 01:13:48 GirardKMstar
I am trying to learn slap but I keep going back to my regular 3 finger style and am having a hell of a time trying to get timing steady with my thumb. Glad you like what I have so far though!
January 06 2016 01:37:44 GirardGirard
Sounds really good, the notes were great together, I don't care about slap either way. GREAT PLAYING
January 06 2016 02:07:18 GirardRelativity
Its ALL attitude with that thumb KM. Think "Bad Bass...You need a spankin'". Seriously. Slap requires attitude. Look at Flea or Bootsys face when they slap.
January 06 2016 03:11:09 GirardKMstar
I get that Rel but the bruise I get on the side of my thumb takes a day between practices to heal, hoping that will change but punishing my bass for that sound is killing my endurance.
January 06 2016 03:13:35 GirardKMstar
I think trying to pluck the higher strings smoothly is where my next practice is headed
January 06 2016 01:08:21
GirardGirard YOu should make the drums available! :) I like it
+0 January 06 2016 03:15:37 GirardKMstar
its a drum machine, not sure if I have the right to release it on its own, for that matter I may already be in trouble
January 06 2016 01:06:49
GirardGirard That's some heavy duty snazzy stuff :) Yeah, it really slips into it around 1:00 :) Super duper good stuff!


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