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I was asked for a more simple piano track in Rock´n Roll style... It became a Boogie! :D So you see this is really not my comfort zone :). I tried some piano noodles in Bruce Hornsby style. Needs anything it can get.


October 17 2016 18:40:26
FRANK2654FRANK2654 Great Honky Tonk Blues Rocker Blues Starter !!!
+1 October 17 2016 22:50:12 FRANK2654Liesching
:D thanks, Frank!
April 21 2016 18:27:34
ItocpogoItocpogo Man, very nice playing!
+1 April 21 2016 23:47:57 ItocpogoLiesching
Thanks for joining, GREAT JOB,
February 28 2016 15:42:11
BalfoBalfo So great work my friend!

January 21 2016 21:37:09
RelativityRelativity Caught Stefs remix. Fun song!
+1 January 23 2016 23:08:06 RelativityLiesching
Thanks a lot, R!!
January 13 2016 08:18:52
KellsBellsKellsBells I was happily smiling through this track and then 1:07 happened and I must have gotten the biggest grin. You can do it all, Marc. Love the beautiful fills in between those fabulous slides! :) :D
+1 January 16 2016 14:16:50 KellsBellsLiesching
Thanks so much, dear Kelly! Try to do more things out of my cozo this year:)
January 08 2016 20:16:14
abuitremoremabuitremorem Toll - schade, dass ich mit der Gitarre nicht mithalten kann :)
+1 January 11 2016 19:36:04 abuitremoremLiesching
Danke dir! Hast Du es schon versucht? Tempo ist 120 bpm und keys sind C, F, G. :)
January 11 2016 23:13:29 abuitremoremabuitremorem
Wenn- dann nur mit Nylon, aber im Moment habe ich ein Problem Lack und Gel fallen von den Nägeln - und der Stahl frisst. Mal sehen. Lade es mal runter. Danke für die Einladung :)
January 08 2016 14:42:59
anonyanony he it's good style
but it need more speed for Rock and roll

+1 January 08 2016 15:38:48 anonyLiesching
Yep you're so right. I'm no Speedy. If you compare with my other pieces, this is formula 1! :) thanks for stopping by, Dusty!
January 08 2016 13:40:11
aleonzaleonz I start pilling up the track from Stef, and Marc, and Marc hahah, it's really nice to swing by to this place for a while and listening for this track, you never failed to pull our head and give a very enjoyable song to hear :)
+1 January 08 2016 15:34:52 aleonzLiesching
Thanks a lot, Alice. Glad you enjoyed it! Have a great weekend, dear! :)
January 08 2016 06:33:50
jmrukkersjmrukkers Perfect template
+1 January 08 2016 15:31:51 jmrukkersLiesching
Thanks for your magnificent organ ride on this piece, Joe!
January 08 2016 04:29:58
Davnel99Davnel99 Marc, the Maestro shows a new side, and it is fantastic. Anytime you want to jive some Hornsby is a time for me to listen. I love Hornsby, probably explains why I own every cut he ever released. And as always I could listen to you play chopsticks my friend. :)
+1 January 08 2016 10:47:21 Davnel99Liesching
Thanks so much, Davnel! I love Hornby's work too! He has such a unique style which combines classical, Jazz and Funk.

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