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New Year, new music program, why not?? :) Totally and completely outside my comfort zone here, but wanted to see if I could do it, try something new. I had fun! Maybe you will have fun listening. :) PS, if your headphones have bass boosters turn them up! (or down maybe, haha I'm new at this.) Perhaps I'll stick to singing. :p Neat waveform though! ;)


November 26 2016 14:55:53
axenvocsaxenvocs wicked cool !!

November 01 2016 01:21:29
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho, kellsBells. muito bom

May 02 2016 18:31:46
mortheolmortheol Hey Kells, I just listened to Rob's add on this.
It is GREAT stuff!!!

April 21 2016 05:30:29
PsychoPsycho How did I miss this... I like it. Dramatica for sure. I will have to save this one :) Great job Kelly !!
+1 April 21 2016 05:37:31 PsychoKellsBells
thank you so much. This was a load of fun to make.
April 10 2016 19:37:21
JDFJDF Ha! This is great! Love it!
+1 April 12 2016 14:48:09 JDFKellsBells
Had to try something new here. Always learning! :)
March 25 2016 21:44:39
MasterKMasterK This is solid, good transitions. Like the drops, and the wubs..
DJ KELLS in the Hisz-ouse.....

January 19 2016 21:49:31
kdr426kdr426 This is very cool. I too am learning, but nowhere near where you are. May have something to do with the tools I'm working with. Just got my external soundcard up and running. very much a newbie here. Need to get where I can add a bass line here and there so can feel a part. It'll happen!
The talent runs deep there Kells!!!

January 15 2016 00:23:06
SupJaxSupJax some details would help a lot. but nice balance, many synths and styles around. 1:55 is my fav one

January 10 2016 20:47:26
Orb1xOrb1x Nice..good variants. I do love EDM and you coined it here homie.
+1 January 10 2016 20:49:06 Orb1xKellsBells
Thanks! This was a first attempt for me. Glad you liked it. :)
January 10 2016 20:52:03 Orb1xOrb1x
Keep it up, sister, you have great potential for this..and this is coming form a person who knows producers/djs
on a grand scale. Respect
January 08 2016 23:18:46
YoWildYoWild Brilliant!
+1 January 12 2016 05:28:02 YoWildKellsBells
Thank you. My first stab at this kind of music. :)

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