Silvester in Köln

Remix step #4 (playing)


Uloisius637 jams Supporter
+ 21
Thank you to hingstler, Lenny & Relativity for the great Template ;o)
Thus one thing is clear: The lyrics are my opinion as a human being to the disgusting Sexmob attacks against helpless women, they are not a political statement ...

This Song is Part of the Album „Alter Ego“



January 26 2016 18:59:40
I missed this! Awesome ULO!!!!!!! Hell yeah!

January 19 2016 17:14:12
bin für die wiedereinführung des öffentlichen galgens.
thx for sharing this one

January 11 2016 15:57:39
Absolut TOP! Stimme, Text, Message! Bin SCHWER begeistert! Danke für das echt starke add!!! :-)
+1 January 11 2016 21:00:28 hingstler Uloisius
Freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt ;o)
January 10 2016 19:23:23
Du has Das gote voice
+1 January 11 2016 20:59:43 anony Uloisius
Herzlichen Dank Dusty ;o)
January 10 2016 13:08:09
Magnificent vocal intervention on this really fast track my friend:) BRAVO for your perf !
For the rest, our contemporary world is more and more terrible... My biggest optimism lives in my music...

+1 January 11 2016 20:59:05 titi Uloisius
Thank you Titi; o)
You're right, the world is falling apart, for me is the music, the rescue ;o)
January 11 2016 21:17:40 titi titi
Completely my friend !
January 10 2016 12:21:36
Woooohooooo! Saucooles Lied mit klarem Statement! :)
+1 January 10 2016 12:42:31 pkliesch Uloisius
Vielen Dank Patrick, war mir ein echtes Bedürfnis das mal raus zu lassen ;o)
January 10 2016 07:16:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow!!!Bro, it´s great:)
+2 January 10 2016 08:40:15 Lenny Cowler Uloisius
Thank you Lenny, the Template is the Hammer ;o)
January 10 2016 02:58:46
That's've gone over to the dark side. Most interesting imagery. and a cooker of a track that you fit perfectly into.
+0 January 10 2016 08:59:41 Wade Uloisius
Thanks Wade, the template I was immediately fascinated ;o)
With regard to the incidents in the New Year's Eve in the middle of Cologne, I am shocked and I wanted to keep my opinion to that not secret ...

The lyrics are my opinion as a human being to the disgusting Sexmob attacks against helpless women, they are not a political statement ;o)
January 10 2016 19:44:52 Wade Wade
Thank you Uli. I had no idea about the situation in Köln. At this end of the world we get very little world news. I deeply regret that this wonderful city and Germany are now gong through such a difficult time.
January 10 2016 02:48:54
cool dude!
+1 January 10 2016 08:38:52 rp3drums Uloisius
Thank you very much ;o)
January 10 2016 00:31:23
Just great .....Ulo well well done!
+1 January 10 2016 08:38:24 chrisbass Uloisius
Thank you very much chris ;o)
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