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I added reggae trumpet stabs and fills (if such a thing exists) to the great tracks by GuitarPlayer, Relativity and Shi. I'm hoping I didn't mess up the laid back, super cool reggae feel.

Left the whole middle solo section open for wikilooper's to add solos.


February 13 2016 15:24:27
jamladyjamlady wow, sooo cool!!

January 10 2016 16:49:38
aleonzaleonz Excellent ! you really give just a perfect gift for the song Jaz!

January 10 2016 13:12:07
titititi SUPER:)

January 10 2016 11:58:41
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Very nice Brass Add jaz100 ... With a new idea at the end of the song :) cool

January 10 2016 11:42:21
ShiShi and what's not to like...thanks for the cool brass jaz100 :)

January 10 2016 08:01:05
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)

January 10 2016 06:08:46
jjdfjjdf ;)

January 10 2016 03:58:50
PsychoPsycho Great fit jaz... like the brass stuff :)

January 10 2016 03:10:59
WadeWade Excellent backing and fill lines. Why no solo?
+1 January 10 2016 03:14:03 Wadejaz100
I'm leaving space for you and others to add a solo Wade! Jump on in.

I wanted to first experiment with doing R&B horns lines on a reggae.
January 10 2016 06:14:05 WadeWade
Hopefully someone comfortable with this style will jump in...not likely to be me. Would have to spend too much time listening to the style to learn the right feel. Got to be honest...not a style I'm attracted to. This end of the world it's copied a lot by people who like to think of themselves as victims.
January 10 2016 01:15:53
RelativityRelativity Very cool! Thanks for joining! Sounds fantastic!


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