remix drumshticks ACDC beat SHOT DOWN IN FIREWORKS

Remix step #3 (playing)


frenzie288 jams Supporter
+ 8
thank you for adding your cool drumbeat i made a remix so the guitars are stereo again
I did not have a single track bass so I m sorry could not include that


thnx! :)


January 11 2016 20:19:02
petebasspetebass Super track-great remix;)
+1 January 11 2016 21:06:51 petebassfrenzie
Thank you Pete!
January 11 2016 04:20:56
aleonzaleonz great balance here Frenzie, all in a cool level in this mix, great clear mix, sounds excellent to my ears
+1 January 12 2016 06:58:40 aleonzfrenzie
Thank you so very much my dear alice! :)
January 10 2016 20:12:23
WadeWade Nitpick away. All good and I hear a fine track.
+0 January 10 2016 20:28:35 Wadefrenzie
thank you wade, when you get in mixing mode I tend to get caught up in detail :)
January 10 2016 21:26:48 WadeWade
I hear you! I'd much rather just play than have to edit. Takes me many times as long for each track and always seems a negative exercise in removal and correction. Must be done though as it's not like playing live where a mistake is gone after it's played. In a recording it's there forever.
January 10 2016 22:43:33 Wadefrenzie
Yes so true :) nowadays I try to make it a more fun and relaxed task in which i not always succeed in staying relaxed haha :D
January 10 2016 20:11:55
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good job bro:)
+1 January 10 2016 20:26:54 Lenny Cowlerfrenzie
thanx my friend!
January 10 2016 18:24:26
aduadu Great Track! Great Mix! :)
+1 January 10 2016 18:40:49 adufrenzie
Thank you! :)
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