Another New One To Come

Remix step #2 (playing)
New Zealand


Wade374 jams Supporter
+ 21
Beautiful template from Tof.


February 12 2016 00:15:57
Very nice
+1 August 07 2016 12:45:18 GlezBass Wade
Thanks GB. Really appreciate you having a listen and commenting.
January 13 2016 05:09:36
Very nicely played Wade..So yourself. Masterful . :)
+1 January 13 2016 06:59:41 Fishinmissio Fishinmissio
Ha ha ..Yup...Love that about you.
January 13 2016 05:30:17 Fishinmissio Wade
Cheers Mark. Have spent so long being myself don't know if I could be anyone else Ha!
January 12 2016 21:27:23
so very nice!
+1 January 12 2016 21:52:26 haddock Wade
Captain my captain the ship is sinking as we cry out for your assistance...throw us a nice fretless line to save us?
January 12 2016 22:57:00 haddock haddock
That is my intention, as soon as I come out of my winter depression...
January 13 2016 02:24:53 haddock nuno1959
:D :D
January 14 2016 12:06:19 haddock haddock
Hwy Wade, started playing this one now. Hopefully I'll come up with something :D
January 14 2016 19:58:28 haddock Wade
The days are getting longer yet there's nothing outside that warrants playing out there (snow? is that really unusual?). Of course you want to be inside all snug playing music with your friends!
January 12 2016 20:09:33
lovely to listen to this one from you both Tof and the mood :)

January 12 2016 16:24:51
Tof has some good licks. Your sax fits very well on not only this but a few other Tof tracks... good team :)
+1 January 12 2016 21:49:30 Psycho Wade
Hey Mr B. Yes this and some of Tof's others call to me. I'm a sucker for these sorts of emotional tracks. Love the slow tempo and simplicity that also allows a more complex set of emotions to be conveyed.
January 12 2016 16:14:34
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Beatiful play to awesome track:)
+1 January 12 2016 21:46:52 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks Lenny. Greatly appreciate your listen and comment.
January 12 2016 13:12:05
Very warm and inviting. Nice !
+1 January 12 2016 21:46:14 WHITEPONGO Wade
Thanks Whitepongo. Glad this reaches you and others. Was meant to be emotional communication.
January 12 2016 10:59:56
Wow Wade this is lovely playing, atmospheric and enchanting. This track takes me to a Terje Rydal, Jan Garberek kind of place.
+1 January 12 2016 21:44:37 davet Wade
Thanks davet. Very big compliment for me as those are some of my favorite players. Aspiring to that kind of emotional communication is where I'd like to go.
January 12 2016 09:17:14
And warmest lovely playing from you . . . fresh and soothing . . . multiple eargasm...
+1 January 12 2016 21:42:56 kennyadry Wade
"Eargasam"? Here I was trying to be so serious!!! Love it. thanks.
January 12 2016 08:28:18
harmonic and beautiful
+0 January 12 2016 21:41:38 AKchen Wade
Thanks AKchen. Yes very simple harmonics, which can be emotional and soothing.

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